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Thursday, November 19, 2015

ARC Review: To Dare A Seal by Sara Jane Stone

This is one of those kind of weird book experiences for me. When I started this book I thought I was going to love it and there were things about it that I did love. But then there were things that I really didn't love or even like. When I take it all in, the book winds up being ok but not great.

I feel like I'm on a bad streak of book heroines and Natalie was par for a really bad course. I just didn't like Natalie. Now if you know me, you know I hate weak heroines and Natalie was not that. My problem was that in an effort to make Natalie "not weak" I felt like the author over constructed Natalie's walls. There was just too much time in the book where Natalie was rude to Jack because she was all "I can't let him in, I won't let him in, I can't let him in." WHATEVER, we get it, you're emotionally closed off but what's next?

As for our hero Jack, I like Jack. Jack is the strong alpha male hero that always gives me the warm fuzzies. The problem I have with Jack is what always happens when we have heroines like Natalie, when the heroes tolerate their ridiculous behavior, I start to get tired of the heroes.

In this book, Jack makes a bet that he can get in Natalie's pants before he leaves on another tour. Natalie overhears the bet and decides 'game on' because she is not going to let it happen. Then Natalie and Jack take a long road trip. Jack tells Natalie a nasty bedtime story, weird ish happens, Natalie makes an emotional connection to Jack against her better judgment and you get where the rest of this is going.

I couldn't really understand a lot of Natalie's reactions to things. She was like 3 different characters. There was emotionally vulnerable, weepy Natalie, there was sexy Natalie and then Natalie the witch. Which iteration of Natalie appeared in the story seemed totally unrelated to what was actually going on in the story and she would change very rapidly.

The sex in the book is pretty good (once we get there), the writing is good, the book is easy to read but ugh, I just did not like Natalie. I like this author and I will definitely pick up other books by her.

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