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Sunday, November 15, 2015

ARC Review: Rock Me Two Times by Dawn Ryder

Rock Me Two Times is the first book in Dawn Ryder's new Rock Band series. I love rockstar romance stories, so I couldn't wait to read this book. There were some really enjoyable moments here and Syon and Kate were super hot together. Unfortunately though I had a lot of issues with the story itself, and Rock Me Two Times ended up not living up to what I had hoped for.

Talked into taking a job repairing a pair of leather pants for the lead guitarist of the band Toxsin, Kate somehow finds herself not only fixing them but agreeing to go on tour with the band in order to provide for all their costume needs. She knows that this opportunity is exactly what her small custom leather business needs, but she also has a set of rules that she lives by with one of them being no rockstars. The attraction between her and Syon is instant, but neither one of them wants to feel the way they do. But when it becomes clear that neither one of them can stop thinking about each other, they have to decide if it is worth taking the risk to figure out what is going on between them.

Syon and Kate were beyond hot together, and that is the one part of this book that I never struggled with. The chemistry and steam between them was clear and the sparks were flying right from the start. I did however have problems with the whiplash and constant hot and cold reactions going on here, which were mostly Kate's fault. I got so tired of seeing her tell Syon that she wanted him if he could be more than just casual with her and them get hot and heavy, just for her to push him away saying she didn't want him and she couldn't be with a rockstar. Kate could not make up her mind and after the first several times it got super annoying as well as confusing. At times I was so unsure of whether she actually wanted Syon or not. Then there was the weird connection with Ramsey and the fact that it seemed like Syon was almost pushing for him to be a part of their relationship. While I have no problems with menage stories, I just wanted to know what was going on. I mean either go there or don't, but it was just so wishy-washy on whether or not that was going to happen here that I got frustrated with that as well. There was also an issue with a client/friend of Kate's that seemed to just be included for added drama since he never reappeared in the book again. It was just really confusing trying to figure out what was going on here, and everything felt so indecisive as though the author didn't really know where she was going with the story or characters.

While I did think that the second half of this book got better, the first half was enough to seal the deal here as far as my opinion went. I liked the heat and chemistry, but I just felt like the rest of the story was a bit of a mess. I also thought that a lot of the dialogue was repetitive and there were several phrases that were used a lot here. While it might not bother some, I just kept asking myself if I hadn't just read almost the exact same sentence. If you are looking for super hot sex scenes and like rockstar romance stories, this one is worth giving a shot. But if you are looking for a clear and well written story, this one might be a bit too all over the place for you as it was for me.

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