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Friday, August 5, 2016

ARC Review: Broken Lion by Devon Hartford

Broken Lion was my first book by this author. The set up reminded me of another book that I really liked with a doctor and her patient so I was kind of intrigued. In this book Brigid is an orthopedic surgeon who is in the ER when Lion is brought in. Lion is a MMA fighter who has been badly injured. Things started going left for me with this story right here. So basically right away. 

Something about the language of this book and the way the characters interacted with each other really turned me off. Brigid is instantly attracted to Lion but she basically hides behind her job. Lion is smart enough to get Brigid fired as his doctor but she still keeps talking about how it would be inappropriate for her to hook up with him. For Lion's part he is extra forward and aggressive but also kind of sensitive. Lion starts getting real feelings for Brigid pretty quickly. 

So of course, despite her professional veneer, Brigid finds herself sort of hooking up with Lion. **Slight spoiler next** Brigid has a 10 year old son. Part of her hesitance to hook up with Lion is about her son. But then it turns out her son totally loves Lion. I felt like the author kept trying to create new reasons to justify Brigid not wanting to be with Lion. Which was weird because this is a romance right? So after Brigid is not Lions doctor and her son loves him, here comes the 'but wait' he's a violent felon or something. I honestly don't even want to get into the story of how this came out but it made absolutely no sense. Let me just say this, if you are attacked by some criminals in a parking garage, they are not waiting around for the police to show up so they can report what happens. Unless they are in this book. Makes. No. Sense. 

So anyway, Brigid and Lion finally get to the good stuff. From that point it really goes downhill. Brigid doesn't want to claim Lion in public. Lion acts like a complete pu$$y about the whole thing. Lion is so worried about Brigid not wanting to be with him, he will basically do anything. I just hated it. I never want to read about characters who let themselves be mistreated. In this book, I just didn't like the way Lion behaved towards himself. I found myself really wishing that Lion would dump Brigid.

So to sum it up, I hated the way Brigid treated Lion and the way he let it happen. I didn't care about the HEA because I was turned off from the couple. Not a great book for a reader like me.

**ARC Provided by Ardent PRose**

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