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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ARC Review: Just What I Needed by Lorelei James

I have read a couple of other Lorelei James books with somewhat mixed results. I usually like her storytelling but sometimes the characters work my nerves. So I went into this book not completely sure what to expect. This is the second installment in the series but I just joined the party. I did not read the first book about the other Lund brother. I must say, I enjoyed this book. No character issues, I just wish this one had been a little bit steamier. 

I actually read this book a while ago and forgot that I read it. The minute I pulled it up again on my Kindle and read the first couple of pages, I was like OH YES. I love the intro of this book. It draws you in and gets you interested in turning the pages right away. Trinity seemed so downtrodden at the bar that first night. When things seem like they can't get any worse, her ex walks in with his new girl and it goes from crap fest to shit show. But then Trinity gets it in her head to jump on Walker (literally) so she doesn't look like the president of the lonely hearts club. I knew I was going to like Trinity for her guts and I knew I was going to like Walker for his reaction. Trinity and Walker have one of the most memorable introductions I've ever read and I found myself liking them and rooting for them from the beginning.

Even though I didn't get as much of the freaky stuff as I like to see, I really appreciated the writing of this book. The plot was layered and the couple's relationship develops through the sphere of other events. There is the fact that both Walker and Trinity are a little unforthcoming when it comes to their true identities. The thing that I really liked and really found interesting was that both Walker and Trinity are concerned about their families. I also liked reading about Walker's insecurities that stemmed from being the working man of the family instead of the corporate executive type like his brothers. I like a side of vulnerability with my strong bossy alpha men and Lorelei gives us that in this book. 

Walker and Trinity together were compelling, interesting and little bit crazy but I was here for it. Walker was perfect for Trinity's offbeat personality. Walker was extremely attuned to Trinity's needs in a way that she kind of wasn't and the people around her certainly were not. If you want me to latch on to a book, give me a man who is looking for opportunities to make his woman's life easier. I was like YES Walker, YES. For Walker's part, he just needed some affirmation. Walker's family is wonderful but it's hard to be one star in a constellation. For Trinity though, Walker became her galaxy and it just made me feel all oohey gooey inside (that's a thing). It took way too long for these two to make it official (in bed) and they have to overcome some relationship bumps along the way. All in all though, I walked away feeling really satisfied with this book and happy I read it.

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