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Thursday, November 9, 2017

ARC Review: Someone to Wed by Mary Balogh

Someone to Wed is the third book in Mary Balogh's Westcott Series. The overall storyline is about an aristocratic family who discovers their illegitimacy when the Earl dies. The truths that are revealed following the Earl's death put the family into disruption. His son loses the Earldom and it falls to a cousin instead. His daughter's marriage prospects get turned upside down. His wife loses any claim to her former life. And the daughter he hid from the world, is given all of his money since it wasn't tied to the estate but to his legitimate descendants.

This book features the cousin who unexpectedly inherits a Earldom but without it's accompanying finances, Alexander Westcott. Because of this new responsibility he decides he must put aside any aspirations of a love matched marriage, and instead marry an heiress so that her dowry can fund restoring the estate. But before the season and "marriage mart" begins, he decides to visit the country estate to see it's current status as well as meet his neighbors.

One of his neighbors, Wren Heyden invites him to her home. She has be a recluse for quite an enormity of her life, but she finds herself wanting to be married and have children. So she proposes to Alex that since she has quite an expanse of funds from her business, it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement for them to marry.

Wren unfortunately has a large birthmark on her face that she is embarrassed about. It also has completely wreck her self esteem and social skills. It's for the last two reasons that Alex hesitates on the offer. But he finds himself pulled to her and he constantly thinks of her. Wren on the other hand is overwhelmed with Alex's good looks. It intimidates her. Whether or not love is necessary for these two is unclear. 

Balogh proves her talent yet again with writing in this book. I found it spectacular the way she pulls different characters together through similar feelings and experiences. She really know how it would all make sense and it shows her deep thought and planning for her story lines. The romance was perfect as well in that I felt it grow and grow. Everything played out naturally and I loved it! I really think Mary Balogh is a genius in the historical romance genre.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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