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Sunday, November 5, 2017

ARC Review: Third Son's a Charm by Shana Galen

Third Son's a Charm is the beginning of a new series by Shana Galen. I believe it will highlight members of a military group of men who survived the war against Napoleon. I'm unsure as to whether it will be of all surviving 12 members, or just a select few. We will see as I am positive I will continue reading the series.

Lady Lorraine is the only daughter of a duke, and she is madly in love with a man her father does not approve of. She has attempted to elope with Francis Mostyn, but he never showed up at their meeting place. He claimed he wanted her father's blessing for her sake. She claims she doesn't need her current lifestyle and that love is all they need, but he insists. Her father believes the man only after her dowry as she is quite the heiress.

Because Lorraine refuses to give up on Francis, her father decides to hire a bodyguard. But it can't just be any man. He needs someone who will fit in at their social events so that Lorraine can find a respectable husband. So he reaches out to Ewan Mostyn, third son of an Earl. Ewan went into the military as is what is expected of third sons if they do not go into the ministry. He was in an elite group of soldiers that went through impossible missions against Napoleon. Now that the war is over, he has become, effectively, a bouncer at a gambling hell.

Ewan jumps at the prospect of being Lady Lorraine's bodyguard because it would please him immensely to thwart his cousin Francis in any way. However, his job becomes more and more difficult as he gets to know Lorraine. He begins to find her amusing instead of annoying, and finds himself coming out of his shell with her. Lorraine also finds that she is intrigued and even likes her bodyguard as she gets to know him. She begins to wonder if what she thought was love with Francis isn't really love.

This is another hit from Shana Galen. I loved everything about Ewan. His backstory, his demeanor, and his thinking wove together to make a unique character. Lorraine annoyed me a little at first, but she ended up growing on me. I enjoyed the brotherhood Galen created with Ewan's war buddies. I also liked a little rekindling love side plot Galen added to the tale. This book gave me all the feel good butterflies I need from my historical romances. Can't wait to continue this series!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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