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Thursday, November 27, 2014

ARC Review: The Demon Count Novels by Anne Stuart

The Demon Count was originally published in the 1980s. The recent publication has “The Demon Count” and “The Demon Count’s Daughter” published together instead of two separate stories.

First, I love Anne Stuart and “The Demon Count” is vintage Stuart. She creates such a dark and scary atmosphere in this book that I was captivated. She also plays with the reader and the characters in such a way that we start to question what we are reading. She has so many plots going on in this book that I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what is real? What is really going on? I think Stuart is brilliant in that aspect.

Her characters were also vintage. Charlotte Morrow is basically and orphan and goes to live with her guardian in Venice, Count Luc del Zaglia or the Demon Count as Charlotte refers to him. Del Zaglia could care less about his ward but accepts her into his home regardless.

Charlotte is very naive. I do have to say that this book was originally written in the 80’s and there is the typical naïve heroine with the sinister –controlling hero. But I really enjoyed it. I can’t give away too much away because it would ruin the book, but I loved how Stuart played the different plots.

When Charlotte arrives to live with her guardian, Venice is terrified of the “Ghoul of Venice.” He is a Jack the Ripper type villain. Del Zaglia is a prime suspect because of his very eccentric lifestyle. That and he was rumored to have killed his first wife. Since Charlotte is new to Venice and does know Del Zaglia she is terrified and intrigued at the same time about who Del Zaglia really is or what he is.

Del Zaglia is a typical Stuart hero. He is dark and has very witty and almost crazy comments to make to Charloette. I really enjoyed his character. Charlotte is young, beautiful and rich and has many suitors around her. But her heart doesn’t belong to any of them.

The second story is “The Demon Counts Daughter.” This story centers on Charlotte and Del Zaglia’s daughter- Lucinda de Zaglia. Luciana is nothing like her mother. Where Charlotte was young and naïve Lucinda is strong and in control. She travels back to Venice to her father’s old home. Her purpose in returning is very closely intertwined with her father’s old life (which I will not give away). Lucinda sets her eyes on Evan Fitzpatrick. Although Evan doesn’t want anything to do with her Lucinda is not easily deterred. Evan is not considered respectable because he is a divorced man.

Overall, both these stories were really interesting and I was eager to see both stories unfold. Although the Demon Count is darker and almost gothic, The Demon Count’s Daughter is lighter and more of a romance/spy story.

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