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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review: Home by J.A. Huss

Home is the final installment in the Social Media series by J.A. Huss, and while I have been waiting for it's release I have also been dreading the end. I have absolutely loved Grace and Vaughn's story, and I am not sure that I will ever be ready for their end. That being said, I really loved this final part to their story and I thought that J.A. Huss did a fantastic job of giving Grace and Vaughn the perfect ending for their characters.

Home picks up where we left off in Profile, with Grace back at home and out of danger. But while Grace might be back physically, she isn't the same girl that Vaughn first met. As Grace and Vaughn struggle with everything that has happened and the effects that Grace's past has had on her, Vaughn's past begins to resurface as well. While Vaughn tries to deal with the newest threat to his and Grace's relationship, they both begin to wonder if they can make it through together.

I have loved Vaughn and Grace from the very beginning. Vaughn has always been a cocky alpha, determined to get what he wants. But then Grace came along and for the first time he had to work for it a bit. Grace was feisty and fun and so different from what Vaughn was used to. I loved seeing these characters grow and change over the course of this series and it was so fun to watch them challenge each other. Grace and Vaughn were so perfect for one another from the very beginning, but I thought that they really seemed to just get stronger with each installment. They were supportive of one another and I loved seeing them fall in love and figure out how to work together as a couple. These two were far from perfect and they both made mistakes along the way, but their imperfections are what made these two work so well together. They had off the charts chemistry, but they also had such a strong emotional connection and completed each other in ways that no one else could.

Overall, I really loved this series. Each installment was as good if not better than the previous one, and I thought that J.A. Huss did such a wonderful job of letting the reader see all the different sides to these characters. She continued to impress me with each new installment, and I loved the way she had everything tie together and make sense in the end. This really was a great ending to the series, and although I am sad it is over I really think that she could not have written a better ending for these two. I know that Vaughn and Grace will always be a favorite book couple of mine, and I will reread their story over and over in the future. Grace and Vaughn were so real and I really thought that J.A. Huss gave the reader something so unique and different with this series. I can't wait to see what J.A. Huss comes up with next, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

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