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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ARC Review: Her Winning Formula by Shannyn Schroeder

Her Winning Formula is the third novella in the Hot & Nerdy Series by Shannyn Schroeder. Each of these stories can be read as standalones though as they are about interconnected characters. In Her Winning Formula, Felicity Stone is headed to Texas for spring break. She meets a handsome stranger at the airport and they get off on the wrong foot. But when they are on the airplane and Lucas starts to have some issues with flying, Felicity helps him out. When she finds out that her friends won't be joining her in Texas after all, she agrees to help Lucas out by attending a wedding with him in order for him to be able to avoid his ex. Felicity agrees to help Lucas out in exchange for lessons on how to flirt and pick-up guys. But the more time they spend together, the more Lucas and Felicity both start to disagree with the idea of her and anyone but Lucas.

I liked Lucas and Felicity. Lucas was sweet and caring, and I really liked seeing him be so patient with Felicity. He was encouraging and supportive, and was always trying to help her out. He wasn't at all bothered by her odd behavior, and really seemed to be interested in getting to know the real her. He also didn't push too hard or try to change her, which I really enjoyed. Felicity was awkward and had less than great social skills. She had been used to relying on her friends for help, but this time around she only had Lucas. It was great to see her open up to him and to accept that he liked her just as she was. These two were cute together, and I thought that they fit really well. They had a lot of chemistry and also just seemed to click from the start. Their connection was quick, but it didn't feel forced.

Overall, this was a short and cute romance. I liked the characters, and I was glad that they weren't the same cookie-cutter type NA characters that you often see. I do feel as though their connection was a bit rushed, followed by a bit of a slump where I felt like they should have been more open with each other. Communication seemed to be a big issue for them, with both of them making assumptions and not speaking to each other. I also felt like the ending was really abrupt. It was going well and picking back up again only to suddenly stop. I had wanted a bit more, and was curious to see how things played out for these two. I felt like we really missed out on getting to see what happened after everything went down. I would maybe give this one a shot if you are looking for a short and sweet NA read, but if you are looking for something deep well tied up at the end this might not be the one for you.

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