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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guest Post with Author Megan Frampton and Giveaway

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son.

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Thanks to Ramblings from this Chick for inviting me here today! I love to ramble. And ramble, as anyone who’s read my books can attest.

One of the things that I like about writing, in fact, is that I can get deep inside my characters’ heads and just—ramble. About what they’ve eaten, what they think about the clothing they’re wearing, what they think about the very attractive duke who’s interviewing them for a position, what they think about how they’re behaving, and how they feel about what they’re currently doing, whether it’s wiping jam off their charge’s face, helping the duke with his accounts or, just perhaps, kissing the duke.

The hero and heroine of The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior both ponder what they’re doing quite frequently. They know they shouldn’t necessarily be thinking and feeling the way they are, but they just can’t seem to help themselves.

I was originally inspired to write The Duke’s Guide because I have strong feelings about how important a duke really was in the British aristocracy. A duke is similar to a CEO in today’s world; he has to oversee his estates, managed people, property, and finances, and has the caretaking of families and villages in his hands. He cannot enter into his dukedom lightly—except when it is an unexpected occurrence, as happens to Marcus. He never had an expectation of inheriting, so when he does, he is thrust into this position of responsibility and doesn’t quite know what to do about it. And is acutely aware that he might very well fail at it. More importantly to Marcus, however, is the potential of personal failure he feels when he is given the care and responsibility of his illegitimate daughter, Rose.

He feels as though he is doing the right thing in hiring Lily as a governess, since she comes from a reputable employment agency and is able to connect with Rose almost immediately. Of course, he is so out of his depths that he is actually not doing the absolute right thing, since Lily has not been trained to be a governess, and what’s more, has a secret in her past that could damage Rose’s reputation.

But of course—and circling back to the rambling part—Marcus thinks and thinks about what he is doing, and learns from his mistakes, and also learns as he comes to love the two new women in his life. And that is where his frequent ramblings inside his head really benefit him (and those two ladies, too).

A little or a lot of rambling is always good for characters, or my characters, at least.

All of London knows the Duke of Rutherford has position and wealth. They also whisper that he’s dissolute, devilish, and determinedly unwed. So why, everyone is asking, has he hired a governess?

When Miss Lily Russell crosses the threshold of the Duke of Rutherford’s stylish townhouse, she knows she has come face to face with sensual danger. For this is no doting papa. Rather, his behavior is scandalous, and his reputation rightly earned. And his pursuit of her is nearly irresistible—but resist she must for the sake of her pupil.

As for the duke himself, it was bad enough when his unknown child landed on his doorstep. Now Lily, with her unassuming beauty, has aroused his most wicked fantasies—and, shockingly, his desire to change his wanton ways. He’s determined to become worthy of her, and so he asks for her help in correcting his behavior.

But Lily has a secret, one that, if it becomes known, could change everything . . .

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  1. I'm not sure what I would add, but this book sounds fun!

  2. I haven't read the book yet so I'm not sure what I could add.

  3. Thank you for hosting today! Good Behavior....Hummm......Always appreciate your lady...Happy Lady...Happy Life, right?

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  5. I have this one on my TBR list. It sounds interesting! I like the above stairs and below stairs stories. It's always nice to read a 'Rake Reforming" story! I want to know what dangerously scandalous secret Lily has! (They need an edict function on posts! :) )

  6. Listen to your lady! If a lady senses she's talking to a wall when she's talking to her man, she'll soon stop talking to him. And that would be the beginning of the end. Thanks for the really interesting question.

  7. Not sure what I'd on. But I do know this sounds great!

  8. Don't tell your lady what or how to do something. Instead suggest something while you look into her eyes.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  9. not sure what the list is, but "treat a lady with the utmost respect"

  10. Treat her like a lady in public and YOUR woman in private.

  11. not sure what I would add ... perhaps, always be gentle in words and deeds (gather more flies with honey kind of thing)