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Friday, March 13, 2015

ARC Review: Innocent Ride by Chelsea Camaron

Innocent Ride is the fourth book in the Hellions Ride series by Chelsea Camaron. This book can be read as a standalone, but the characters are interconnected and readers will get the most enjoyment from reading these books in order. If you haven't read any of this series yet I would definitely recommend starting at the beginning, but it isn't necessary.

 Drexel "Rex" Crews and Caroline "Lux" Milton are complete opposites. She is corporate where he is rough around the edges, yet they find themselves drawn to one another. Rex has always been of the motto to hit it and quit it, but after making some really bad decisions he finds out that he has a child he never knew about. As he tries to move forward with his life and turn things around, he finds that Lux is able to give it to him straight in a way that most people don't. They begin to form a friendship, but both of them can't help the attraction they feel for one another. When Caroline's past comes back and threatens her life, Rex will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and make up for his past mistakes. But Lux doesn't want Rex to only see her as the girl that corrects all his past mistakes. Can Rex and Caroline find a way to turn their feelings and attraction into forever, or will there be too many differences between them to make things work? 

I really liked Rex. He had a lot to make up for, but I never felt like he was only interested in Lux because of that. He was sexy and protective, and you could really tell how much he cared about her. He might not have had any experience with relationships, but things were different between him and Caroline. Caroline was strong and independent, and she had always done what she had to do to advance herself. She made some choices that she wasn't proud of, but she did what it took for herself. Rex wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind or go after what he wanted, but Caroline gave it right back. She challenged him and made him better. I loved the chemistry between these two, and I am always a sucker for an opposites attract story. These two were so great together and I loved seeing them as they helped one another move forward and leave their pasts behind. Rex and Lux were super hot together, but I loved seeing them really get to know one another and form a relationship. 

Overall this was a really good story, and I loved that Chelsea Camaron was able to show Rex redeem himself. He was everything I had hoped for and more. I really liked him with Caroline, and it was great to see familiar faces. I will say that Caroline annoyed me a couple times in this story with her attitude, but I was glad that she came around. I really liked the story though, and enjoyed reading this book. There were a few times that Rex was with other women and I could have done without those, but once he had chosen to be with Lux there was no cheating. These two had some really steamy moments and I loved every bit of it, but the best parts for me were when these two were realizing the connection they shared. I absolutely loved when Rex took Lux on his bike for the first time. She finally started to open up and really let go of her past, and I think it was such a great moment for both of them. I definitely recommend this series and Innocent Ride if you like MC books. Chelsea Camaron does a great job of giving the reader enough suspense and action to keep you interested, but also enough romance and steamy moments as well. I can't wait to read more from her in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the review, the first in this series is on my wishlist