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Sunday, March 15, 2015

ARC Review: Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorensen

Saving Quinton is the second book in the Nova Series by Jessica Sorensen, and these books need to be read in order. If you haven't read Breaking Nova, you will want to start there. Going into Saving Quinton, I knew this book would be hard to get through. I felt so much for both Nova and Quinton throughout Breaking Nova, and this book was harder than that one was at some points. Nova and Quinton have become characters that I feel so invested in, and it really breaks my heart that they have each experienced so much loss and pain. These two have to find a way to be together and happy, or it just might kill me. 

Nova Reed has finally started to move forward with her life. She has been dealing with her pain and is working towards healing. But she can't help but remember Quinton Carter, and want the same for him. Nova knows that she needs to get Quinton the help that he needs before it is too late. But Quinton doesn't want her help, and doesn't want her anywhere near him. Quinton believes that after everything that he has done, that he is the last person Nova should be around. As he continues to try and numb his pain with drugs, he finds himself needing more than ever before. When Nova shows up in Las Vegas to try and reach him, Quinton will do whatever it takes to push her away. But Nova is determined to get through to him and refuses to give up. 

I love Nova and Quinton. They are both flawed and damaged, and you can see how they have both tried to deal with their pain. Nova has finally started to see what she let herself become and she really has tried to make an effort to get better. She will never forget Landon, but she knows that she can't remain as she was. She cares so much about Quinton, and I loved that she wouldn't give up on him. I felt so badly for her each time he would push her away, but I loved that she just kept trying with him. Quinton broke my heart in this book. He is suffering so much from not only his past, but also for his feelings for Nova. You could really see how torn he is, and he was trying to just survive the only way he knew how. These two have such a connection to one another, and they understand each other like no one else does. I think that these two are perfect for one another, and they are exactly what the other needs. 

Overall, this was a good installment in Nova and Quinton's journey. I will admit that sometimes the constant Nova trying to save Quinton only for him to push her away got a bit frustrating. I wanted him to finally wake up and just accept Nova's help. But it did seem real and believable that he would act the way he did, even if it drove me nuts. I also thought that some of the book focused a bit more on the past than I would have liked. While I understood that in the first book, I wanted the focus to be more on Nova and Quinton rather than them with Landon and Lexi. It was still a really good book though, and those were pretty much my only complaints with this one. I will also say that then ending was a complete shock. I was left with my mouth hanging open, and I need to get more of these two. I absolutely have to know what comes next! Jessica Sorensen is a fantastic writer, and I love how real her stories are. The characters are always flawed and the stories are always deep. I like that she doesn't write cookie cutter characters and stories. She has become one of my favorite authors, and I can't recommend her books enough. If you are looking for unique characters and emotional stories, you really should give her books a shot. Nova and Quinton are some of my absolute favorites of hers, and I cannot wait to read the next book!

**ARC Provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing)**

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