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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ARC Review: Love Survives by Jennifer Foor

I have been waiting for this book for what feels like forever. I really loved Love's Suicide and felt like the biggest thing missing was Brooks' POV. I wanted to see inside his head, and also see what he experienced when he was away from Kat. This book was such an emotional read for me, and I think I felt the story so much deeper this time around. I didn't think it was possible for me to love Brooks any more than I already did, but Jennifer Foor proved me wrong with Love Survives. Brooks was even better than I had known, and this book was beautiful yet heartbreaking. 

Love Survives is the same story as Love's Suicide, but we are seeing it from Brooks rather than Katy this time around. While there isn't a ton of new content, we do get to see several things we didn't before. While Kat was on her own after leaving Branch, we didn't get to see what Brooks was going through overseas. This time however we got to see all of the horrors that Brooks was experiencing first hand. We got to see him writing in his journal as a way to cope and his letters to Katy. While I didn't expect him to be celibate (especially since Katy wasn't either) it was hard to see him with the other girls. I understood his need for some companionship and comfort though, and he and Katy weren't together so it wasn't cheating.

I have to say that I felt so much more emotionally invested in this story than the first book. While the first book was emotional for me and I felt for the characters, we didn't really get to see all the pain that Brooks had felt. This book was very hard to get through at times because of that. I felt so badly for Brooks because he had been in almost a constant state of pain since he was twelve years old. He had loved Katy so much and so deeply, and it really tore me apart to see him give that up because of Branch. I think I ended up hating Branch even more after this book, because we really got to see how thoroughly he messed with Katy and Brooks. The worst part is that Branch didn't really seem to be sorry for what he had done. He was jealous and wanted to take what he could so that Brooks wouldn't have it, and he never really seemed to feel any remorse. Katy and Brooks were always meant to be together and that was even more obvious after reading this story. These two had gone through so much, and yet they could never fight what was between them. Their connection was undeniable and these two would never have fully worked with anyone else. 

I loved seeing Brooks with his daughter in this book. He was adorable with her before, but I really loved seeing his thoughts and feelings upon first meeting her. Brooklyn stole his heart instantly, and Brooks could not have been a better father. Brooks and Katy were great together, but B completed them. Their family was so special, and I just loved seeing them finally get the happy ending that they deserved. While I really loved this book and seeing it through Brooks' POV, I only gave it four stars because I would have liked to have seen a bit more new content. Much of this book was what we already knew but just from a different angle. I would have liked the epilogue to have been longer, or maybe seen a bit further into the future and down the road in their lives. I still really loved this book though, and I think that if you have read the first book then you will absolutely want to read this one! If you haven't read these yet, I definitely recommend them. Jennifer Foor is a really great writer and she always delivers emotional and heartfelt stories. Parts of her books are heartbreaking, but she always gets her characters where they need to be in the end. Brooks and Katy and their little girl will always have a special place in my heart, and I know that I will read their story again in the future. I can't wait to see what else Jennifer Foor does in the future.

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