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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review: The Clocks of London by Pamela Lyn

I'm a fan of Lyn Brittan's Outer Settlement Agency series and I enjoy steampunk. So when The Clocks of London came out, it was easy to make the decision to spend my hard earned cash on it. Good decision!

Loved it! The Clocks of London is wonderfully original and utterly charming. Set in an alternate London that exists in tunnels covered by ocean waters, the setting is certainly unique. Ms. Lyn populates this world with quirky, entertaining characters that are out to solve a mystery the rest of London doesn't even realize exists.

Moira Gear sets out to demonstrate her talent as an investigator. Overshadowed by her brother and a family that does not acknowledge her talents, she has much to prove. When she notices that poor children are going missing, she decides to find out why, since nobody else has taken notice. A chance meeting with her brother's friend, Patrick Clock – also an investigator – gives her a resource and friend to help with her investigation. And, it turns out, they can help each other.

Ms. Lyn's singular writing style is refreshing. Her characters say what is on their minds instead of internalizing before speaking. Moira is essentially lacking any kind of internal filter which leads her to humor, shock, amaze and endear her to Patrick. And to the reader I would add. I think Patrick was smitten from the moment he met her, as was I.

Moira's relationship with Patrick's foster brother, Kennerick, is a love/hate relationship. Make that hate/love. So – fun also! Kennerick is an interesting character and I am looking forward to reading more about in The Doctor of London, #2 in the Waters of London series.

And somewhere in this amazing setting with its unconventional characters, there is a mystery to be solved. I do love a good mystery! Actually, there is more than one mystery. So, lots of investigating, which is exactly what Moira and Patrick are made for. Well that is not all they are made for. Did I mention there is a romance also?

So, if you like your history altered and laced with mystery and romance, The Clocks of London may be right up your alley. Or should I say tunnel?

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