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Thursday, April 7, 2016

ARC Review: Blazing Earth by Terri Brisbin

As the third book in the Stone Circles series by Terri Brisbin, this book takes off immediately after Raging Sea. I highly suggest reading the first two books in this series before reading this one. I think I would have been lost otherwise.

Tolan and his family have always had a way with the earth and having prosperous crops. The magic is a family secret that has been passed down for generations, and is accompanied with a responsibility to protect their lands. Tolan's son is almost at the age where he will discover if the magic is in him as well, and Tolan is hopeful to share the family legacy with him.

In the same village, Elethea is a local healer with a specialty as a midwife. Harshly ironic, Thea cannot have any children of her own. However, she does the best she can, and loves her independent life since the death of her late husband. Tolan and Thea have an ongoing involvement at the start of this book.

The ancient fire goddess is still trying to break free of her prison, and her next possible point of entry into the world is near Tolan and Thea. Together it becomes their responsibility to close the gate so that the evil sorceress will not be unleashed upon the world.

This book felt mostly like a place holder. The romance wasn't great because the main characters were already involved before the book began. (Don't be confused however. The heat level for this was high for me. The relationship just lacked substance). The fantasy mission felt like a repeat of books one and two until the end. Tolan seemed to be the only one with anything to do. Thea just seemed so useless. The book left me feeling really down. Not what I look for when reading romances.

Despite the fact that I didn't love this book, I still am impatiently waiting for the last one. I need to know how this ends! Also I believe a reoccurring character I like will be the female lead in the last book. For the overall arc plot of the series, this story had to be told. However, I think it's the worst of the series thus far.

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  1. Ah, sorry it didn't hit the spot for you. I liked it. But agreed, can't wait for the next book.