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Sunday, April 3, 2016

ARC Review: Luke's Absolution by K.L. Kreig

Luke's Absolution is the third book in the Colloway Brothers series from K.L. Kreig. This is my first book from her and in this series, so I really had no idea what to expect. While this book is said to be a standalone, I would really suggest reading these in order if possible. Though I was able to enjoy most of the story starting here, there were a few times that things from the past were referenced yet not fully explained and it was confusing. 

Luke Colloway has lived his life through a lot and has come back from it. He fell in love with his brother's girl and was forced to face the fact that he wouldn't ever have the same for himself. But then Addy Monroe changed everything. He knows he doesn't deserve her, but he will do whatever it takes to make her his. But just as it appears that Luke and Addy have a shot, Luke's past returns and threatens to ruin everything. 

I liked both Luke and Addy. I felt like they had great chemistry, and you could feel the attraction between them. I will say that their connection felt rushed to me though, and while I did see some of it developing, I also felt like it wasn't entirely believable. Addy was so hesitant at first to protect herself and assumed that she knew Luke was just like guys from her past that had hurt her. But her dislike for him seemed to change almost over night and it just wasn't realistic to me. I did like that Luke was a good guy and that he was thoughtful and determined to show her he was interested in more than just sex. I just wish that I had been able to really see their connection develop into the strong bond that I believed was possible, and not just have it rushed and forced into being something that it wasn't yet. 

I also had a problem with the first half of the book as far as pacing went. This book was slow to begin and part of that was because there was just so much internal dialogue, and it was very repetitive. Especially when it came to Luke. As much as I loved getting inside his head, it got old constantly seeing him struggle with not being good enough for Addy. The other thing that kept me from loving this book was all the build up to this massive conflict from Luke's past and when all was revealed, it just fell flat for me. He majorly overreacted and the whole thing was easily resolved and moved on from and it just was this huge let down to me. As much as I was wanting to love these two and this book, it was just okay for me. There were some great moments here, but sadly this wasn't what I had been hoping for. I still think that Luke and Addy were great together and were on their way to building something great together, but it just came off as rushed and forced and I would have liked things to have happened naturally where I could have had an easier time believing in them.

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