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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ARC Review: Take Me by Sophie Holloway

Take Me is the second installment in the Lessons in Seduction series from Sophie Holloway. These have to be read in order as the story continues from one installment to the next. Take Me picks up right where we left off with Teach Me. Eva and Jack are doing lessons together to teach her how to please a man. But someone is watching Eva and is out to get her. Jack is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her, but can they figure out who is behind it all before something happens to her? 

I had a few issues with Teach Me that kept me from really loving it, so I was hoping that this one would deliver a bit more and in some aspects it did. The chemistry and attraction between these two is undeniable, and I love how hot they are together. That is the one thing that I can say without a doubt that there is no problem with. I had felt in the first installment that their connection wasn't strong though, and for the majority of this part I felt the same way. I did see more of that start to develop towards the end of Take Me though, and I was glad to finally start to see them getting somewhere. As much as I want to love these two together, their relationship is taking a bit too long to really show any progress for my liking. I am not a huge fan of insta-love relationships, but I do need to see something happening in order to keep my interest. So it was nice to see them connecting on an emotional level a bit here instead of just in a physical way. 

It was also nice to see Eva taking the threats a bit more seriously here rather than coming off as naive as she had in the first installment. It was obvious that there was definitely someone out to get her, and Jack was determined to protect her. I loved seeing that side of him come out as well, and I felt like that helped a lot to seeing that his feelings for her are beyond what he ever expected. His ex Lucy made a few appearances here, and I seriously want to hit her. She was absolutely awful, and I really hated how horrible she was to Eva. I wish that Eva had been able to ignore her and see exactly what she was doing because it led to Eva doing something really stupid at the end of the story here. It will be interesting to see what happens from here, and I am curious to find out who is behind everything happening with Eva. I am hoping for a strong finish in the third installment, Trust Me, with more depth and development to their relationship. Though their chemistry is every bit as strong as it was in Teach Me, I still find myself struggling to believe that it is much more than sex between them.

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