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Monday, April 4, 2016

ARC Review: Waylaid by Kim Harrison

In this novella brought to readers from the awesome Kim Harrison, we get to see the wondrous Rachel Morgan and her partner Jenks the pixy work with Peri Reed from her new series: The Peri Reed Chronicles. Peri Reed has the confidence, and vulnerability with sass that we’ve all grown to love in Rachel from The Hollows Series with a little bit more edge to her, and when these two come together they offer a few laughs, and a fun ride of adventure.

When Jack, Peri’s partner with Opti imitates a spell with the proper ingredients everything goes awry and Rachel, as well as Jenks, are catapulted into Peri’s world. In the year 2030 where technological advancement and spies mingle while decimating populations of people, and also stopping terrorism, everything Rachel once knew is completely gone. No magic. No Inderlanders, just humans. Even crazier, some humans like Peri who can draft back in time. What? That’s right! Talk about intriguing!

Naturally, Rachel and Peri are both the type of heroines to take charge, so there is a bit of unease and fighting before the partnership begins which was fun to watch unfold. Jenks, the pixy is of course a welcome addition, and we even get to see Al a bit. Who doesn’t love them both? Exactly! With Jenks and his naughty mouth as well as humor, there is a little bit of everything in this novella for any fan to love, or even those who have never escaped into the world of the Hollows or The Drafter.

In the race to get Rachel and Jenks back to their time, Peri and her have to work together to recreate the spell utilizing a crystal accelerator that Opti (the covert/spy operations that Peri works for) wants. Peri, who never believed in magic before witnessing it before her very eyes, is forced to choose between saving a new ally or betraying everything she stands for. She stole the accelerator for Opti, but can she steal it back from her boss and ultimately Opti themselves? In order to save Rachel and Jenks she has to risk herself. Will she?

Let me just say, I love love love Rachel, and I’ve grown very fond of Peri after reading The Drafter, so I was excited to read this novella. I got see my old friend Rachel with my new friend Peri, and it was amazing! There is excitement, betrayal, action, laughs, and a puzzle to piece together all wrapped up in this novella. The wait was worth it to spend time within this novella where both worlds collided. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do. Better yet, pick up The Hollows Series and The Drafter as well. You won’t regret stepping into these worlds. Trust me.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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