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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ARC Review: A Gentleman Never Tells by Eloisa James

A Gentleman Never Tells is a continuation of Eloisa James’ The Essex Sisters series. That was a great series it was one of the first series I had read by her, it’s what hooked me, so I’m ecstatic that it is continued with this one. It fits in perfectly with the others in the series with its romance and humor with just the right amount of angst. It’s a short and cute little book, well novella.

Lizzie Troutt was forced to marry a man for his title by her Father. Her father wanting all his girls to marry well, arranged her marriage in hopes that he would fall madly in love with her. Little did her Father know that right after the wedding her new husband would dropped her off at the house without touching her and left to live with his mistress. It’s been eighteen months since his death and Lizzie isn’t mourning his death as much as the life she could have lived. Lizzie’s deliriously happy sister keeps pushing her to join society again but Lizzie just doesn’t have the motivation to do so.

Oliver Berwick life is now different than it was in his youth. He was left the guardianship of his niece by her two parents who left to Africa to do missionary work. Oliver has always regretted how he behaved in his younger days and when his niece gets invited to a house party he finds his chance to finally make amends with one of the people he hurt. Oliver was asked to do two things make Lizzie laugh and get her to go out riding. It was no hard task for him, Oliver is drawn toward the beautiful Lizzie and wants nothing more than to see her smile. But Lizzie has spent far too long, way too many years believing she is far from desirable that, while Oliver’s attentions are nice, she doesn’t quite believe him.

Overall, I really enjoyed this new story from The Essex Sister’s series. It was nice to see some of the characters again and Oliver really is a sweetheart. I really like his seduction technique.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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