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Thursday, July 7, 2016

ARC Review: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

I am a huge fan of Alessandra Torre's! I have really enjoyed everything that I have read from her, and Moonshot was no different. One of the things that I love most about her books is that I never know what to expect except that I will enjoy the story, but she always keeps me on my toes and has me guessing the whole way through. Moonshot is honestly hard to describe without giving anything away, so let me just say that this is one that definitely just needs to be experienced. Don't go out looking for spoilers, trust me when I tell you to just dive in and enjoy!

Tyler Rollins grew up around baseball with her father being a legend with the Yankees. Her focus was always on the game, with her future fully set to join the organization that she loved. But then Chase arrived and he became a distraction. Not only did he love to play on the field, but off the field as well and Tyler knew that she needed to stay away from him. But the pull between them was too strong, and Chase and Tyler found themselves unable to fight what was between them. Then everything changed in an instant and soon the team was losing and girls started dying. 

I liked Tyler a lot. I loved that she was a strong heroine that wasn't afraid to be herself and go after what she wanted. She was a truly unique heroine, and as a huge sports fan myself, it is always great to see a girl that genuinely loves sports and doesn't just put up that appearance to win over a guy. Tyler truly loved baseball and the Yankees, and she was so passionate about them. Chase was sexy and impossible not to fall for, and he definitely had some of that bad boy appeal. But it was also great to see him change and evolve over the course of this book, and there was so much more to him than first appearances. Tyler and Chase both really grew and changed as this story progressed, and I found it so interesting to see where they had been and where they were headed. The chemistry between them was off the charts, and they had a great connection. But they also had a lot of obstacles thrown their way and they didn't always make the best decisions. 

While I really liked these characters and the story overall, I will say that there was one thing that I wasn't 100% okay with. I won't go into details because I don't want to spoil anything, but I wasn't entirely on board with some of the things that happened, but I did like how things played out. One thing I can say about Alessandra Torre's books is that she will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you will never know exactly what is going to happen next. Things are far from easy, and yet her stories always feel so real and genuine. While they are sometimes tough and emotional, I have learned that Alessandra Torre always does the characters justice and that I just need to have faith in her to get the characters where they need to go. That was definitely the case here, so while I did struggle a bit with part of the story and some things that were happening, in the end it was all worth it. I definitely recommend Moonshot, it was sexy and suspenseful, and at it's heart a story about love. I couldn't put it down and was absolutely captivated from the very first page. I really can't wait to see what she writes next, and I know that whatever it is, I will definitely be reading it. If you are new to Alessandra Torre, you are definitely missing out and need to check out her books. If you are already a fan, Moonshot is a must read and you definitely won't be disappointed!

**ARC Provided by The Next Step PR**

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