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Sunday, November 20, 2016

ARC Review: Draw Play by Tia Lewis

This is the first book that I have ever read from Tia Lewis, and I think it is also her debut novel. While I was excited after reading the blurb, I have to admit that it is always a bit scary to read a book by an unknown author. While I didn't dislike the story, I didn't love it either. It was just okay, and didn't really have anything new or different that wowed me. 

Jake is the football star that knows he is all that on the field and in bed, so when his coach tells him that he needs a tutor for his grades he is anything but excited. But when he meets Claire, he is surprised to find someone who is encouraging and doesn't treat him like he is stupid despite the reason that she is there in the first place. Claire hates football players, but needs the money so she agrees to tutor Jake. She quickly realizes that the attraction is more than she can fight though, and as much as she hopes he is different, she hopes that he doesn't leave her with a broken heart.

I will admit that a lot of my issues with this book were the characters. They were downright irritating at times, and were some of the most judgmental characters I have ever experienced. It wasn't just a few either, it was all of them! The stuff that they said or thought had me cringing my way through most of this story, and it really made it impossible for me to like them or ever feel invested in their story. They were so mean and hard on each other that I just wasn't into it at all. Not only that, but I struggled to actually feel the connection between them. Jake doesn't want Claire in the beginning and I felt like he never really made much effort. He didn't fight for her or ever really seem to want her even after the beginning. I also hated that while there was technically no cheating, there was an incident that happened that might as well have been. It didn't sit right with me, and it was hard to get over when added on top of everything else. 

There was a lot of potential here, and I think that Tia Lewis could be a great writer. Unfortunately this book had too much for me to get over, so it just never quite got there for me. I wasn't feeling the love or connection and the characters pretty much killed the story for me. If you like manwhore stories or NA sports romance books, you might give this one a shot. For me it just fell short of the potential and wasn't a story that I could get behind.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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