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Friday, November 25, 2016

Audiobook Review: Gemini by Penelope Ward, Narrated by Eric Michael Summerer and Therese Plummer

I can't believe I am just now getting to the first books in Penelope Ward's Gemini series, and I probably went about this whole thing the wrong way. While each book is a standalone story and can be read out of order, I have learned so much about characters after going back and reading the books in which they were first introduced. I started with Jake's story and then read Skylar's, just now getting to Gemini. The one thing I can tell you is that regardless of the order I have experienced them in, I absolutely adore this world that Penelope Ward has created and I love each of these characters so much! 

Eric Michael Summerer and Therese Plummer did such a great job of bringing both Cedric and Allison alive in their interpretation of Gemini, and I could not stop listening as they told this beautiful story. Allison is a waitress working at the Stardust diner while hoping to one day get back to school to fulfill her passion of working with special needs children. One day a beautiful man with the bluest eyes walks in and her world changes. As Cedric and Allison get to know one another, the pull between them is like nothing either of them has ever experienced before and soon they are unable to stay away from one another. But Cedric is keeping a secret that changes everything once it is finally revealed. 

Allison and Cedric's connection was instant, and their chemistry explosive. These two had so much between them right away, but it was so natural and genuine. You could see that it was so much more than anything they had felt before, and I didn't feel as though things happened too quickly. These two were meant to be together, and they had so much that threatened to stand in their way. Allison was so sweet and kind, the kind of heroine that is good through and through. It was clear why Cedric fell in love with her and couldn't help feeling as drawn to her as he was. Cedric was sexy and sweet, and although he made some questionable decisions, I felt like I understood him. His love for Allison was clear in everything he did, even if I didn't always agree with his choices. The kind of connection that these two had is so rare and special, and I couldn't get enough. 

Overall, I honestly wasn't sure that I would have much interest in these characters as they didn't really stand out to me in Jake's story. While I liked them, they were such a minor part that I really only started this one because I wanted to see how things happened for them and all that led up to Jake's book. But once I started listening I was instantly hooked and I ended up loving their story every bit as much as Jake's. While I recommend all of Penelope's books, Gemini now holds such a special place in my heart and will always be one of my favorites. These narrators were fantastic and I can't imagine experiencing this story for the first time in any other way. Each spoke clearly and brought so much personality to each of the characters with their performances. I was amazed at their ability to differentiate so clearly between them that I was always able to tell exactly who was in each scene. I honestly cannot recommend this book or these narrators enough, and I cannot wait to listen to more from each of them. Penelope Ward is a great writer that I recommend checking out immediately if you haven't already, and Eric and Therese are now two of my favorite narrators I have ever listened to.

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