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Thursday, November 24, 2016

ARC Review: Rule Breaker by Sienna Snow

From what I read this is Sienna Snow's first publication. If this is her first book, it's an excellent start to her publishing career. In my mind the book is about a 3.5 rating but I'm rounding up because I'm grading on a slight curve and it's Thanksgiving.

This book is about Arya and and Max. This is a second chance romance. Let me just say, I don't really like second chance romance. I like to be in the relationship with the characters from the beginning of the book. The fact that I like this book is therefore even more evidence of the talent of the author.  Arya met Max 5 years ago when she was a nerdy virgin. Max is a sexy billionaire Dom who introduced Arya into all the wicked passion and pleasure of a D/s relationship. But then Max abruptly broke the relationship off. You may feel some type of way about Max ditching Arya but nothing is quite what it seems.  From the beginning of their reunion Max says things which make you aware that more happened on his end to keep him away from Arya for 5 years than Arya knows. There are also some truly crazy ish that happened to Arya in the 5 years.

Ok, we just have to take a pause for the cause. What happened to Arya might have been too crazy. One minute you're reading a normal romance book about a girl with a heart broken by a reckless a-hole. The next minute, you're like whoa whoa whoa, what did you just say? What happened to her? You find out pretty early on but I won't spoil it. The reason I write about it is because things like that incident are indicative of a problem with this book. Not all of the events were woven together in a seamless fashion. Some parts of the plot felt very jerky and kind of knock you out of the overall vibe of the book. This author shows a lot of potential and I think issues like that will take care of themselves in the near future.

If you are a reader like me, you don't like sexual euphemisms. And by that I mean I hate phrases like "her aching bud." When I first started reading this book I thought we were in for that kind of journey. If you pick this book up and you panic because you think it's going to be that kind of party, just hang in there. Things get more explicit and concrete as the book goes on.

When Arya and Max first reunite I was a little frustrated at Arya. I mean as far as she knew, Max left her high and dry at the worst time.  But from the beginning of the book Arya has no ability to control her physical reaction to Max. Despite her mental objections, she pretty quickly falls back into the relationship with Max. I got over my woman's empowerment issues though. As the book goes on things make more and more sense in terms of why the couple was separated. And yeah, maybe Arya came across as a bit weak but I wanted these two together and I'm glad it happened pretty quickly. All in all this is another great read for the holiday season.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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