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Saturday, November 26, 2016

ARC Review: Taken by Cynthia Eden

I love this series, I love the dark and gritty, thrilling serial killer story with a touch of romance. I love Cynthia Eden’s suspense. This series in particular the emotions run high, the tension is thick, and murders are gruesome. Nothing is easy and the plot is twisty and plenty of red herrings. I can always count on Cynthia Eden for a great thriller and a hot romance.

L.O.S.T. is approached by a young woman who amazingly survived a serial killer. Bailey Jones was taken and tortured by a stroke of luck she survived. Bailey has been adamant that there was another woman there with her at the cabin and she tried to save her during her initial escape but ultimately this other woman left her behind and Bailey wants LOST to help her find this missing woman. Asher Young one of the newest members of LOST is assigned to Bailey, like most of the members of LOST Asher has a dark past, but unlike some of the others he never hid his past. Asher has always been the hero, even if he doesn’t see himself as one. He doesn’t think he deserves a good and normal life but everything about Bailey has him wishing he could have a HEA. The attraction is instantaneous on Asher’s side; everything about Bailey calls to Asher to protect her and love her. He tries to keep things professional but when Bailey herself gives into temptation the job no longer matters the only thing that matters is keeping Bailey alive even if it means risking his life to keep her alive.

This was a really good one, it keeps up with the style of the series and has a nice twist. Bailey escapes one serial killer when suddenly more people start dying and Bailey is the main target of what looks like a copycat trying to finish what the first one started. Asher is trying to keep Bailey alive and to help track down the killer in this new string of murders LOST sends in Ana as back-up, Sarah to help profile the new killer, and Victoria to talk to the dead. Together with the local sheriff they manage to figure things out in this twisty turning story with lies that cover deceit and murder with a complete surprise (to me at least) outcome.

Overall, I was absolutely satisfied with this book. I probably would have stayed up all night reading if I wasn’t so tired that night. I loved Asher and Bailey and (although I rarely read the sneak peek) I read the first chapter of the next book damn I can’t wait for it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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