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Thursday, May 8, 2014

ARC Review: Night Child by Lisa Kessler

Night Child Four stars
Lisa Kessler
ARC obtained from publisher
April 28, 2014

Muriah LaDeaux is hoping her thirtieth birthday will be special. Instead, she’s sitting in her friend Richard’s apartment, waiting for him to call. Fed up, she leaves and heads home. She walks toward her family’s business, The Dimension’s Den, a supernatural bookstore. Police cars surround it. Agent Bale is inside. Richard’s body was found without his hands or head, but his wallet was in his pocket. Richard dealt in illegal drugs and Mayan artifacts. Issa is a Night Walker and God of the West. He sacrifices mortal and immortals to keep balance and stability in the world. So much death over the centuries has stirred his mind toward insanity. His jaguar shape helps him resolve his loneliness. For now. Issa’s brother’s child will save the world. Gretchen is a mortal woman found for the task. Apep, the God of Chaos, plans to kidnap the baby and rule the world. His spies are his snake tattoos who live in the shadows. Everyone is searching for a Mayan codex and Muriah has it. Issa is called to help Muriah find a way to capture Apep. He presumes to be in charge and she reminds him she has her own mind. Muriah is psychic and travels to the past in her thoughts. They need to get to Egypt to trap Apep. Issa hates to fly, so Muriah brings a DVD of The Wizard of Oz to relax him. Apep learns of their plans and throws down barriers by shutting down the airports. Stuck in New York, Issa takes Muriah to see Wicked. It provides a fun break in the action and makes Issa irresistible. In the face of danger and blocks from Broadway, he treats her to a show. Finally in Egypt, they find more relics and devise a plan to capture Apep. Stop Chaos, assist in the safe delivery of a chosen child, and fall in love. Which is the hardest task for them to complete?

Issa has a terrible haunted past. Muriah sees herself as alone with no surviving family. They are well matched, both bring what the other needs to the relationship. They are equals and prove themselves worthy. Muriah counters his demands with reminding him to say please and thank you. When he does it automatically, without a smirk or gritted teeth, she starts to fall in love. He has waited centuries for her, enough to make her melt.

Apep is an excellent villain. Evil gods, who smack down the good guys without breaking a sweat, are interesting. He has an agenda and will kill anyone and anything in his way. To force Muriah out in the open, he starts fires in every hotel he passes. Stirring up chaos, everyone is afraid. The snakes tattoos are creepy good minions.

This book is the last of a series. The secondary characters follow into this story.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Night Child!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book...

    Lisa :)