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Saturday, May 10, 2014

ARC Review: Take Me for Granted by K.A. Linde

I have been a huge K.A. Linde fan since reading her Avoiding series. When I found out she was doing a rock star story, I knew I absolutely had to read it! If you have ever read anything by her, especially her Avoiding series you know that her stories are well written and filled with angst and drama. I loved Take Me for Granted, and I thought it offered the perfect amount of drama and angst to keep me flipping the pages. I thought that this story was lighter than the Avoiding series though, and absolutely loved Aribel and Grant! I cannot wait to get more of these two and their friends!

Grant is the lead singer of ContraBand. He has the reputation of being a manwhore, and he is proud of it. He has never had a girlfriend and doesn't do repeats. After a concert one night he meets Aribel, and they get off to a rocky start. Aribel is a student at Princeton and is committed to getting good grades, graduating and starting a career. She has been raised by her strict parents and has always had an idea of what her future would look like. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, Aribel isn't interested in being just another girl to Grant even if she does find him to be incredibly hot. But Grant continues to pursue her even after she repeatedly turns him down. Aribel starts to see a different side to him than anyone else has, and they begin to date. But with obstacles from Grant's past as well as his rock star lifestyle, their relationship is threatened before they ever really have a chance at a future together. Can they make it through everything thrown in their way, or will it be too much for them to overcome?

I really liked Grant. He was sexy and honest and a lot sweeter than one would ever expect. He was relentless in pursuing Aribel, and I liked that he never gave up. He felt that he wasn't good enough for her, but he was unable to stay away from her. I liked seeing him open up to her and let her in. He was always up-front with her and the fact that he was able to admit his feelings for her was really refreshing. He had never had feelings for a girl before, and he struggled with what was developing between them but he never avoided it or lied about what was going on. I also really loved that he was so protective and possessive of her. He had claimed her as his and wanted to make sure that everyone knew it. I also liked Aribel (Ari). She was determined and mouthy and yet she was really innocent. She was inexperienced and was completely dedicated to her studying. But she was really great with Grant when she started to get to know him, and they were really great for each other. She helped him be more serious and open up about his past, while he helped her to have some fun and loosen up. These two could not have been more different, and yet they were absolutely perfect together. This was such a true case of opposites attract, and I loved the chemistry between them. These two were really hot together, and you could feel the attraction between them. But more than that, they had such a strong connection between them and you could tell how very real and intense their feelings were for each other.

Overall, this was another fantastic book from K.A. Linde. I really love her writing style and she has become one of my favorite authors. Her stories are always interesting and unique and they are filled with completely original characters. I love that her characters aren't your typical cookie-cutter type of heroes and heroines, and I love that they are flawed and real. Grant and Aribel's story was so believable, and I was invested right from the start. These two didn't have things easy, and they both made mistakes and handled things poorly. But it was so real because of their age and the way that things happened. I really loved that they took things slowly and that this wasn't another case of inst-love. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book in this series and get to see more of Aribel and Grant's journey. These two are great together, and I know that whatever happens next will be just as interesting as this book was. This book is a must read for NA rock star fans, but I also think that most romance fans will find something to identify with in Take Me for Granted. If you haven't read anything by K.A. Linde yet, you are absolutely missing out! I look forward to reading the next installment in Grant and Aribel's story (Take Me With You) and will have to try to be patient as I wait!

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