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Friday, September 25, 2015

ARC Review: A Little Thing Called Love by Cathy Maxwell

This short novella's existence reminded me a little of The Governess Affair by Courntey Milan. It's a short little romantic back story that introduces the reader to a new series. It's not crucial to the plot of the full length novels, but gives readers either a little taste of what is to come, or a little something extra for those who cannot get enough.

Fyclan Morris is an Irishman who has made a fortune with the East India Trading Company. His gypsy grandmother told him when he was young that one day he would meet his destiny in a young woman, and when he saw her he'd immediately know. This is just what happens as he is walking through London, as he catches a glimpse of Jennifer Tarleton. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but it was mystical all the same.

Jennifer Tarleton is desperate for a book. Her family has put a lot of pressure on her to marry well to save them from her father's gambling debts. Since money is tight, she sneaks out of her home to a gentleman's library in hopes of borrowing something. Upon arrival though she learns that without paid membership she cannot borrow anything. In swoops Mr. Morris to save the day.

Unfortunately, there is some bad history between Morris and Colonel Tarleton (Jennifer's father), which makes the young couple's blooming relationship difficult. It makes the story quite lovely, them finding ways to continue getting to know one another without alerting Jenny's father. There were a lot of "cheesy" lines, but oddly enough I found them to be adorable instead of annoying. It was a very sweet story that did it's job with me! I now have The Match of the Century on my To Read list!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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