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Sunday, September 20, 2015

ARC Review: Tattooed Emotions by Alicia Rae

I will be completely honest and admit that I had no clue what Tattooed Emotions was about before I started reading it. I saw Alicia Rae's name on it and that was all I needed. I have become a huge fan of hers, and she has yet to ever disappoint me. Her stories are heartfelt and emotional, and I have complete trust in her to do justice to each of her characters. If you haven't read anything by Alicia Rae before and you are a fan of contemporary romance, you are seriously missing out. With each new book of hers, she continues to blow me away! 

After surviving against all odds, Raelyn Jennings decides to throw herself into her work. She co-owns a successful accounting firm with one of her closest friends, and she knows that is all she needs to be happy. So when her friend asks her to take on his biggest account in order for him to dedicate his time to bringing in some new clients, Raelyn jumps on the chance. Though Heathman Enterprises has been their client for years, Cale was always the one that dealt with Damien Heathman. The chemistry between Raelyn and Damien is instant though, and as hard as she tries to keep things professional she finds that Damien isn't willing to give up when he wants something. Damien will stop at nothing to convince Raelyn to give them a chance, but with them both having secrets about their pasts, could their chance be over before it even starts? 

I loved these two right from the start. Raelyn is a fighter. She is strong and smart, and I really just felt like she was one of those heroines that is instantly likable. She had been through so much, and yet she was positive and good and she was never once whiny or annoying. It was so refreshing to see a heroine like her, and she is definitely one of my favorite heroines yet from Alicia Rae. Damien was confident and sexy, but he wasn't a jerk. He was very much a dominant and alpha man that was easy to like. But beneath the surface, he had a past that continued to mess with him. We get to see a few pieces here as they were revealed, but there is a ton more that I feel like we haven't even begun to learn about him. It was heartbreaking to see all that these two had already been through, and all that they will have to face. The one thing that was clear though is that these two have an undeniable connection, and I really believe that though times may be rough for them, that with each other they can get through anything. 

I am really looking forward to the next book in this series, Tattooed Scars, and I can't wait to see what happens next for these two. While this book didn't end with a huge cliffhanger, there is definitely more to their story and things are left unfinished. I was so glad that we would get more of these two, but there is so much ahead for them after the way things ended that I know it isn't going to be an easy journey. Alicia Rae is one of those authors though that I know will get them to exactly where they should be, and I have complete faith that Damien and Raelyn are in good hands. Thankfully we don't have to wait much longer for the next installment of their story, which is currently scheduled for a November release. I highly recommend this one or any of Alicia Rae's books, and I can't wait to see what she writes next!

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