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Monday, September 21, 2015

ARC Review: Slashed by Tracy Wolff

Slashed is the third book in the Extreme Risk series from Tracy Wolff, with each book being a standalone novel. This new adult series centers around a group of pro snowboarders that are all friends. You do not have to read these in order, but you do get to see how things progress if you start at the beginning. Slashed features best friends Cam and Luc, but you do get to see the characters from the previous books here. 

Cam Bradley and Luc Jennings are best friends. They do everything together and know each other better than anyone. But after they cross the line of friendship one night and sleep together, things are immediately different. Luc has been pining after her for years, but when Cam ran from him and left the morning after they were together, he knew that he couldn't sit around and watch her with anyone else. But Cam has always seen Luc as her friend while she has pined for their other friend Z. But when Cam's life begins to fall apart, she turns to Luc knowing that he always has her back. Can Luc finally get her to see him as more than just a friend, or is he better off moving on once and for all?

I liked these two a lot, but they were absolutely horrible at communicating with one another. For best friends that knew each other better than anyone and could talk about anything, they really didn't do much talking. Cam was one of the guys, top athlete and could hang with the best of them. But she wasn't seen as the girl that everyone wanted. She had wanted their friend Z, but finally figured out that he was more of a crush and belonged with someone else. It took her awhile to really see Luc though, and I wanted her to see just how much he was into her. But I also put some of that blame on Luc, because rather than talk to her about his feelings he chose to just ignore and avoid her. Luc should have talked to her, especially after their night together when things between them got so complicated. I felt like these two were great together when they were together, and they definitely had a great connection and a ton of chemistry. But they didn't talk and spent most of this book apart or fighting.

I also felt like we didn't really get a lot dealt with here, and it sort of felt like things were unfinished. The stuff with Cam's mother reappearing was left mostly unresolved, and I really wanted to see that all dealt with. There was also the big issue that arose here causing even more conflict between Cam and Luc, and while the ending was a happy one, I wanted to see down the line for these two and how that all played out. The ending was abrupt and rushed, and I would have loved another chapter or two, or even an epilogue. So while there was plenty to like here, this one just felt as though it was missing something for me. I wanted to love it, but I was left unsatisfied even with the happy ending. I have really loved books by Tracy Wolff, but some of these problems seem to be recurring themes with her books. For some reason the endings always feel rushed and as though too many things are hanging in the air. Not cliffhangers, but just unfinished. If the next book in the series was about these two that would be one thing, but with each book being about a different couple it just never feels quite right to me. I do love the sports aspect to these NA books though, and I really like the characters. I think that these are worth the read, but I just want a bit more.

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