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Friday, November 27, 2015

ARC Review: Cooper by Melissa Foster

Cooper is the fourth and final book in the Wild Boys series from Melissa Foster. It was a great conclusion to the series, and I really liked this book. It was sweet and sexy, and I just love second chance romance stories. Cooper and Cici were so perfect for one another and I think readers and fans of the series will really enjoy this one! 

Celeste "Cici" Fine and Cooper Wild met at a film festival and after a week together, knew that they had fallen in love. Though it was fast, the connection they shared was one that both of them knew was forever. They planned to marry one another and start a family, while opening a photography business together. But one tragic event changed everything, and Cooper left Cici behind broken hearted. Finally able to move past his grief and start living again, Cooper is determined to win Cici back and start the life that they planned together. But four years are a long time apart and a lot has changed for each of them. Though Cici's feelings for Cooper have never changed despite how much he hurt her, she has to think about more than just herself. Cici knows that she needs to tell Cooper about the daughter she has been raising on her own that he never knew about, but can Cooper accept that it is no longer just him and Cici if they move forward together? 

Cooper and Cici had a quick and intense connection.While it was a bit of insta-love, that was all in the past here and the connection they shared was obvious. Cooper and Cici had real feelings for one another that ran so deep and I felt bad for both of them. I hated that four years had gone by and that each of them been dealing with the pain alone when it should have been them helping and supporting each other. Cooper had been lost in his grief and while I understood that he was in a dark place and didn't want to bring Cici into that, I wish that he would have gone to her. He was lost and Cici's love could have really helped him. Cici had thought that he had forgotten her and she never got an explanation for what happened. My heart broke for her with having to deal with those feelings as well as face becoming a parent alone. Her daughter was everything to her, but she was also a daily reminder of all that she didn't have as well. These two never stopped caring for one another, and the bond they had formed never dimmed.

I will say that as quickly as they had begun though, they picked right back up just as fast. They jumped right back in bed together and while Cici did wait a bit to tell him everything, things happened rather quickly and I wasn't sure that was completely realistic. It all seemed to be a bit rushed, even knowing how strong they felt for one another. I also felt like the ending was a bit abrupt here like the ending for Jackson's book was. While I think we will get some glimpses of these characters as the Bad boys get their stories, I wanted to get a bit more here of the Wild family. I would have liked an epilogue to sort of close the series out and give readers more of a satisfying and complete ending. It just felt a bit unfinished with how quickly it was tied up and over, and I would have liked to have seen down the line for each of the couples. I really enjoyed this series though, and if you are a fan of Melissa Foster this is one series you need to read. It is everything that her contemporaries are, but with a sexier edge to them. Melissa Foster is one of my favorites, and this won't be the last I read from her.

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  1. Thank you for reading the whole series and for your reviews. I'm so glad you'll be reading more in the future--I'm working on bringing you plenty more book boyfriends :-)