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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ARC Review: Heath by Melissa Foster

Heath is the second book in the Wild Boys After Dark series by Melissa Foster. Though each book is a standalone story, this series is like her contemporary series where the characters are interconnected. I love how she always writes about these large families and their friends. While each book and set of characters are unique, they are all ultimately about love and family. There is just something about being able to follow an entire family through a series and getting to know each of the characters so well because Melissa Foster gives them each their own chance to shine. She is one of my favorite authors for a reason, and I just love her books. The Wild Boys After Dark series is a sexier series than her Love In Bloom series, and I am really loving these books. While I absolutely loved Logan's book, Heath has now taken over as my favorite! 

Dr. Heath Wild doesn't do commitment or strings of any type. With his job and family obligations, he has enough going on in his life. When he needs to fulfill his needs he finds a woman for the night or goes to a select few women that know the score. But when he meets Ally Jenner at a medical conference and they spend one sexy night together, he knows that there is something different about her. Heath and Ally meant to spend one night only with each other, but it quickly becomes more after a single phone call changes everything.

I could not have loved Heath more. He was sweet and sexy, and I loved his honesty. The thing that I love about Melissa's heroes is that they don't play games. They are always open about what they are looking for, and they don't mess around. Though Heath had never been interested in dating, he knew that Ally was different and he treated her that way from the start. He told her what he was looking for and they discussed everything. It was so refreshing to see them communicate their feelings and their fears, and the fact that they could work through them together is what made their connection so real. These two were so good for one another, and I felt like they understood each other right away because they could talk about everything. Ally was smart and kind, and she could hold her own. It was so much fun to watch these two together, and I loved their banter. The chemistry was there right away and they were so steamy together. But these two were so much more than that and it all felt very natural. 

Overall, this is probably one of my favorite books ever from Melissa Foster. She really does just seem to get better with each book she writes, and I have no idea how she continues to top herself with each new story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book though, and I had such a great time reading Ally and Heath's story. While Logan's book was more suspenseful and serious, Heath and Ally's story had a lighter feel to it. This story was even sexier than Logan's was, and I couldn't get enough of Heath and Ally together. This series is shaping up to be one of my absolute favorites, and I really think that this series has something for everyone. If you are looking for something sexy and fun, Heath is definitely the book for you. I can't wait for Jackson and Cooper's books, and I am getting really excited for the Bad boys as well. I just know that I am going to love them, and as I have said before you can't go wrong with anything by Melissa Foster.

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  1. Thank you for hosting HEATH! Great review!

  2. That means so much to me that this is your favorite series! I'm so excited you loved Heath's book so much. Thank you and have a spectacular Thanksgiving! XOXO