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Sunday, November 22, 2015

ARC Review: I Do by A.J. Pine

I Do is the conclusion to the If Only series from A.J. Pine, and features all the characters we have come to know and love. While the first two books in the series can easily be read as standalones, I don't know that I would recommend reading this one as a standalone. Though we are given some background information on the characters, this picks up after the events of the first two books with the couples already established. I think that anyone coming in at this point without having read the previous books might be a bit confused and feel as though they have missed much of the story. 

Duncan McAllister and Elaina Tripoli are set to marry in Greece, with all their friends joining them for their special day. But as Duncan heads for Greece from Scotland, something unexpected happens and he misses his flight to Greece. With Duncan missing, Noah and Griffin set out to find him, while Jordan, Maggie and Miles help Elaina continue with the wedding plans for the next day. But as they all try to make sure that Duncan and Elaina's day is everything they dreamed of, each couple finds out that they have more to worry about than just the wedding. Noah has a surprise for Jordan, Griffin has some news that could change everything for not only himself, but also Maggie, and Miles just met a Greek chef that makes him reconsider his stance on romance. Can all the couples figure out their own relationships while helping Duncan and Elaina start their forever?

It was so great to see all these characters again, and I was so glad that we got a glimpse of their HEAs playing out. I was so glad that while each of these couples had some issues to deal with here, they weren't things that kept them from being with the ones they loved. The love these couples had was never in question, and they were able to deal with their problems together. I will say that it was a bit disorienting at times because this story focused on all of the characters from this series. While it was nice to see them all, having 7 different POVs got to be a little crazy at times. It was nice to get their thoughts and feelings, but I would just be getting into one person's POV when it would switch on me. I think that fans of this series will enjoy this book though, and it was a great conclusion to the series. I have loved getting to know these characters, and I Do was an enjoyable end that nicely wrapped up the series.

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