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Monday, November 23, 2015

ARC Review: S.O.B. by J.C. Valentine

I know that the stepbrother trope has been done to death this year, but I have to admit that they are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. So when I found out that J.C. Valentine was writing one that was also a sports romance, I couldn't help but jump at the chance. I really didn't go in with much knowledge of the book as I just saw soccer and stepbrother and was sold, but I have read books by J.C. Valentine before and really enjoyed them. I have to say that this book left me with mixed feelings. While there were things that I really liked, there were also things that just didn't work for me.

Looking to start her new business off as a success, Vista agrees to help her stepbrother rehab after an injury that sidelined him from his soccer career in exchange for the start-up money and contacts from her stepfather. But while the world sees a famous soccer star that is handsome and has it all, Vista sees Levi for the s.o.b. that he really is. Though Levi is sexy and charming, he is also the man that slept with her before their parents got married just to kick her to the curb the next day leaving her broken hearted. Vista is determined to remain as professional as possible for the required month, but Levi is determined to get her back in bed the minute he lays eyes on her. Can Vista last the month she needs in order to start her business off right? 

I had moments where I really liked Vista and Levi, and moments where they made me so angry I wanted to shake them both. I have to say that there were several occasions here that I was rolling my eyes and quite frankly their immaturity got to be really annoying. There was a definite case of whiplash here when it came to how these two felt about one another, and it changed so quickly it was hard to keep track. One minute they couldn't stand each other and the next they were in love with one another. I really wanted these two to talk to one another without all the insults and biting remarks, and act like adults. It was a shame that they took so long to get on the same page, as I really thought that they had a great connection. The one thing I will say though is that the chemistry was there from the start, and these two were super hot together! That is the one area that needed no improvement when it came to Vista and Levi's relationship. 

This book started off so strong, and I was really enjoying the story for the first half or so, but then it took a turn that I saw coming and yet was hoping wouldn't happen. After that though, it was really hard for me to get over the way these two handled things. They each did some really stupid and selfish things, and that was where the majority of the eye rolling happened. I was hoping that these two would get their acts together, but it took far longer than it should have. Besides the big event that I didn't care for and the issues with Levi and Vista themselves, there were some things that I felt were worded a bit weird here. I kept coming across odd phrases or wordings, and it was a bit strange at times as well as distracting. Overall, I think that this story showed a lot of promise but ultimately wasn't what I had been expecting or hoping for. While this one started strong, it fell flat for me. I do think that there were some really great moments here, and there was a definite connection between Levi and Vista. Unfortunately though, I just wasn't able to love this one.

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