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Sunday, November 22, 2015

ARC Review: Dare to Seduce by Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips does not disappoint. I’ve read several of the books in the Dare series and Phillips always delivers fun and exciting couples. Max is Lucy’s brother’s best friend. They have always had feelings for each other but because of different reasons they never acted on their feelings. When Max gets married Lucy moves to Los Angeles to distance herself from Max and to make a life for herself. Max’s feelings for Lucy have never changed and when he sees her at her brother’s engagement party with a guy he does not think is right for her, he decides to finally act on his feelings.

When Max does finally act on his feelings he doesn’t hold back, even if Lucy is with another guy. Max is completely alpha. He knows what he wants and he is not going to waste any time. I enjoyed both Max and Lucy and I liked them as a couple. Their story was waiting to be told and when they finally act on their feelings neither hold anything back. I thought that they had great chemistry and that they complimented each other. I do have to confess that Max came on too strong but on the other hand he had been waiting for a very long time for his moment with Lucy.

I liked that Lucy and Max had a relationship based on friendship way before their relationship became physical. I also liked that Lucy was not afraid of Max. She gave as hard as she got. She did not coward to Max and she was also not afraid of herself. The other side to Lucy was her vulnerability. Her strength and weakness were the same. Although she knew how to take care of herself and how to be her own person she was also very careful not to get hurt.

Phillips’ stories are always chemistry filled and exciting. I’ve never read one of her books and the hero and heroine not have great chemistry. Lucy and Max are no exception. Another aspect of this story that I enjoyed was the family atmosphere. Lucy’s brothers are very protective of her even if they are loyal to Max. Overall, this was a fun and steamy ready. Phillips does not disappoint.

**ARC provided by RockStarLit PR**

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