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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ARC Review: Fighting for Devlin by Jessica Lemmon

There are some good things about this book but I struggled to connect to the characters. The book opens in an intriguing fashion with Devlin as the collector for a bookie who finds himself in trouble because of a personal connection of his. On top of being a money collector, Devlin owns an upscale restaurant where Rena is a waitress. Rena is...I don't really know. I didn't get a lot of information about who Rena is or why she is the way she is. I know Rena had a boyfriend who died when they were teenagers and she never went to college.... See I think this is my problem with this book. Even though the book is well written and it moves at a good pace, I got all the way to the end and I didn't feel anything for the characters.

Throughout the book Devlin is emotionally closed off and does lots of typical stupid ish to Rena. Rena's reactions to Devlin are what I found really confusing. On the one hand, Rena is the good girl who is too good for Devlin. On the other hand, every time Devlin does something terrible to Rena she turns into the blunt sexy siren who sexes Devlin right out of his bad mood. I am STILL trying to figure out where the super sexy side of Rena came from. It seems that before Devlin she had just one boyfriend and almost no sexual experience. How someone in her position is able to take Devlin's seeming indifference in sexual stride is totally beyond me.

I also didn't have any strong feelings for Devlin. He seems kind of like a jerk. I didn't understand why he was in the bookie business and I didn't really care about the side story with him, Paul and Cade. For a book that seemed like it was going to have a lot of action, not much actually happened in this book. The majority of the book is Devlin hooking up with Rena and then ignoring her and their resulting internal monologue. I feel like I should say more but there isn't much more to say. This is kind of an ok book but you will have to find a way to care. I couldn't do it.

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