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Saturday, November 28, 2015

ARC Review: Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Gray

This is my first book by Jeanette Gray and for me it was a pretty good introduction to her as an author. In "Seven Nights" Kate is in Paris basically trying to find herself. Kate is an art student who recently graduated. The advice one of her mentors gave her sums up the struggle Kate is in. Kate can imitate the art forms of other great artist but she needs to create her own form to be great herself. That proved to be a truth that extended beyond just her art. When we first meet Kate she is trying to find her way and just keep herself from getting robbed but slowly she emerges as a more complex character. Eventually Kate stops trying to be something and starts living her life and Rylan is the catalyst for the change.

Rylan is kind of a mystery. He's been in Paris for a year because of something that happened back home in the states. The author dangles carrots of information about whatever Rylan ran from but you never really get the full picture. You just know it's going to be something that is eventually going to become an issue for Rylan and Kate. Rylan wants Kate from the minute he sees her. Initially, he just wants her because hooking up with tourist is what he does. It's an easy way to get off and get away when they go home. But Rylan quickly discovers that he wants more from Kate than the usual physical release. He actually starts spending time with her and becomes her Paris tour guide of sorts. Of course Rylan never tells Kate why he is in Paris or what basically drove him out of the states so you are just waiting for that little missed detail to come back and hunt the couple.

Rylan helps Kate to explore her sexuality in several deeply erotic scenes. The sex scenes are well depicted and parallel the emergence of Kate as a woman and an artist. Rylan is my perfect book boyfriend in the bedroom...or wherever things get steamy. He's got a dirty mouth and a take charge attitude that I love. Rylan is basically what Kate needs on every level to discover her path in life. Kate slowly gets sucked into Rylan and starts to want him for more than just a sex/Paris tour guide. Of course just when both of them are finding that seven days won't be enough, everything that has been building in the background about Rylan breaks through and rocks the relationship and then the book ends. Yup, there is a cliff.

I didn't know this book was going to be part 1 in a series but now you've been warned. This was a pretty good book but I can't see myself returning for another installment in the series. The author is really good at creating scenes, there were times when I really felt like I was in Paris. That's a good thing in terms of the author's literary ability but I wasn't reading the book for that reason. I was reading this book for romance and erotic exploration and there are large sections of the book that just aren't about that. The pace of the book became an issue for me. The book was very slow at certain parts and I felt like I was reading about one long date between the main characters (because I was). The book picks up at other parts but much to my chagrin, it slows down again and takes on the one long date feel. I think if I could guarantee that the next book in the series was going to move at the same pace as the more intriguing scenes in this book I would pick it up. I still think this book was a worthwhile read and the cliffhanger didn't leave me feeling particularly disappointed.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Great review, this sounds like a book I might like.