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Monday, December 7, 2015

ARC Review: After Tonight by Annie Kelly

I have mixed feelings about this book, and I am still trying to sort out exactly how I feel about it. While there were things I liked about After Tonight by Annie Kelly, I also had several problems with it. This book was somewhere between 2 and 3 stars for me, and honestly I am not sure that I will continue reading the series from here on out. 

When her friends drag her out to a club, Hyacinth "Cyn" Hendricks decides to let go for a night. She is working on finishing her graduate degree and is student teaching at a reform school for troubled individuals. When she meets her newest student the following week though, she finds herself face to face with the sexy stranger she met at the club the week before and made out with. Though Smith Asher doesn't look like a 20 year old and didn't act like one either, she quickly realizes how complicated her life has just become. Though the chemistry and attraction between them is intense, she knows that she needs to fight it. But the more time they spend together, the more they each want to cross that line. 

Part of my problem here was the characters themselves. Smith was really hard to like. The way he acted made sense when all was said and done, but it made for a hero that was almost impossible to root for. I couldn't connect with him or Cyn and honestly I just didn't really care for either of them. While Cyn wasn't awful, she wasn't that easy to relate to either. There just isn't a lot to really say about either of them for me, and the fact that neither of them is that memorable or likable is part of what sealed the deal for me here. These two spend the majority of this book apart, and besides the physical chemistry they have I didn't believe in them as a couple at all. In fact when I got to the end and the declarations of love were happening I was rolling my eyes and asking how these two could possibly feel that way about one another. We never got to see it happen, and these two really didn't know one another that well. 

I also had an issue with Cyn's friends here. While they got better over the course of the book, I found them immediately off-putting. They practically forced her to go to this club that she never would have gone to and put her in a situation that she had no idea she was facing, oh and they also insulted her several times in the process as well. Some friends! There were also a few inconsistencies here as well, the biggest one I noticed was the name of Cyn's ex boyfriend. At times he was referred to as Brent and others as Brett. I believe it was supposed to be Brent as that one seemed to be used more, but I am not really sure. This is a mistake that could have been fixed before the final version was published though, as I was given an ARC that could still have errors. Overall, I just had a lot that really didn't work for me here which was disappointing since I was really looking forward to this story. The blurb really drew me in and I guess I was just expecting more. While there were some really sexy moments for these two, I found the story itself lacking. I was easily bored with Cyn's day-to-day life detailed as much as it was, and unfortunately that was what the majority of this book was. While this book is a standalone story, the series will continue with Cyn's best friend Carson getting her book next. Until Tomorrow is set to release in March, and I don't know if I will read it yet or not since I wasn't her biggest fan here.

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