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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ARC Review: One King's Way by Samantha Young

I have loved the On Dublin Street by Samantha Young and I was really sad for it to come to an end. So when I heard she was releasing another story in the series, I was so excited to get more in this world! I love the characters and I just never have been ready for the series to end. But I have to say this wasn't my favorite, and unfortunately I didn't feel like this one lived up to the standards that I have come to have for a book with Samantha Young's name on it. This novella is a standalone though, so if you haven't read any of the previous books you are okay to start here. 

Craig Lanaghan doesn't believe in love and only does one night stands. But he also doesn't lie to women, and he makes sure that they know the deal before hooking up. He is committed to taking care of his mom and sisters though and those are the only women that he cares about a long term connection with. Until he meets Rain Alexander. When she walks into the bar he works at, Craig is immediately drawn to her and he knows that she is different. But Rain isn't the type to do one night stands, and she isn't interested in a player like Craig no matter how attracted to him she is. But Rain keeps returning to the bar Craig works at, determined to get revenge for her sister on a man that frequents the bar. But while waiting for him to show up, she can't help but find herself more interested in Craig with the more time they spend together. But just as she is finally allowing herself to take the risk with Craig and things start to progress, she finds herself forced to choose between her future with Craig and her loyalty to her sister. 

I liked Craig and I thought that he was a good guy. There were a few things that he did I didn't agree with, but for the most part I thought that he was easy to root for. I have to say that Rain was the one I had more issues with her though. She drove me nuts throughout this story, and I really didn't like a lot of the decisions she made. These two had a ton of chemistry, but I didn't really feel like their relationship was one of an equal partnership. It felt pretty one-sided at times, and I thought that the compromising here was definitely one way vs. mutual. 

The other thing for me was that this story didn't seem to flow as well as Samantha Young's books usually do. This one felt rushed and choppy, it was hard to get into the story with how disjointed it was. It almost seemed as though this novella was simply meant to continue the series for those that weren't ready to let go, without giving much thought to the actual story. It seemed to be mostly filler without much depth or substance. The revenge part of this story was poorly executed and seemed to almost be an afterthought. Rain didn't really do much about it and when she did there were no real plans or well thought out actions. It was just a bit of a mess. While I wanted more in this series, this one was pretty disappointing for me.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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