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Sunday, December 6, 2015

ARC Review: Forgetting August by J.L. Berg

Forgetting August is the first book in J.L. Berg's new Lost & Found series. This is the first part of August and Everly's story, and it does end with a cliffhanger. Their story will continue in the second book, Remembering Everly, so readers should know that this book is not a standalone story when starting this book. While I have read other books from Berg before, Forgetting August has a different feel to it than her other books I have read do, and it was really interesting to see her take on something new this time around. I am looking forward to reading the next book and finding out what all is going on here! 

When August Kincaid wakes from a two year coma, he remembers nothing more than a few random details of his life and his name. But a box of his belongings holds a picture of him with a pretty redhead that he knows could help him remember. But the Everly that he meets isn't his biggest fan, and the man she describes him as being is a monster. Everly has long since moved on, but when the man August is trying to be now is like the man she had fallen in love with, she finds herself torn. Can he really be the man he once was, or will he once again turn into the monster she remembers? And with secrets still to be revealed, what will happen once the truth finally comes out? 

I felt for all the characters in this book. They had each been through so much, and I honestly didn't know which side to be on. On the one hand August had been horrible to Everly in the past, yet the August we got to see here was one that was impossible not to fall for. I felt so badly for him having no recollection of anything in his past, and watching him try to piece his life together was heartbreaking at times. Everly had been treated badly by August and I understood how she could hate him so much yet it was clear that she had loved him before things had gone bad, and that was who he was trying to be here. Then there was the man that Everly was supposed to marry, Ryan, and I liked how supportive he was of Everly. He clearly loved her, and while he didn't agree with her decisions, he also was there for her regardless. 

Overall, I really liked this story and couldn't put it down. I will admit that it was frustrating at times with more questions than answers, but I am really interested to see where it all goes from here. J.L. Berg is a great writer, and I know that wherever this story takes us next that these characters will get a satisfying ending to their story. I recommend anything by her, and Forgetting August was one that I know I will reread again in the future.

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