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Monday, December 7, 2015

ARC Review: The Viscount Risks It All by Erin Knightley

The Viscount Risks It All was a struggle for me. I was excited to read it because I love Erin Knightley's books, but after reading the excerpt and learning it was about a widow, I wasn't looking as forward to it. I have nothing against widow situations, but I've noticed I don't tend to get into the stories as much. Perhaps its because I struggle to connect with the widow. I can't truly understand what they're going through.

Gavin Stark has been in love with Felicity since he was 15. On the night he finally has the courage to tell her of his feelings, he discovers she's fallen for someone else and is already engaged. Devastated, Gavin learns that he doesn't want to risk heartbreak again. When he sees Felicity again unexpectedly, it brings up a lot of old feelings and he is torn between loving her again and losing her again.

Felicity is struggling the loss of her husband who passed about a year and a half before. She is trying to re-enter society and thinks that the music festival in Bath will be easier than the full on Season. Felicity is excited to see Gavin again after so many years apart and minimal correspondence.

Gavin fights his feelings growing back throughout the festival, but he also can't keep away from his former best friend. She never knew of his old feelings, and is just excited to have her friend back. I couldn't stand the entire situation. I just don't feel like Felicity deserves Gavin. He lodged himself in my heart, and the heartbreak he felt at the beginning and the struggle he goes through the second time, makes me hate her.

Erin Knightley always promises a Happily Ever After and that was pulling me to the end of this book. Though I will worn you it was so long in coming, you'll wonder if it is going to happen. The plot was so much darker than her previous books, but so well written. I really felt like Erin delved deep to try to understand what her characters would truly feel. I honestly think this is her best writing. I just could not stand the content.

I feel like the reasons I disliked this book are just personal preference with story lines. I was needing something a little lighter and brighter, which is what I usually depend on from Erin Knightley. I think this was a story that needed to be told, but it just wasn't for me. It will be the kind of story that will be loved by a select audience that understands these feelings better than me.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I have read your books and really enjoy, can't wait to read.