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Thursday, December 10, 2015

ARC Review: Persuasion by Violetta Rand

Persuasion is about Lang and Lilly. Lang has just become the president of the Sons of Odin Motorcycle Club and Lilly is his teenage sister’s high school counselor. Lang meets Lilly before he knows she is his sister’s counselor (Lang is the guardian for all three of his sisters as his parents are deceased). From the first time Lang and Lilly meet, the book has a really strange rhythm that I had a difficult time following. When Lang meets Lilly at a bar, there is some insta-attraction. I was thinking Lang saw Lilly as someone he would want to spend time with but suddenly he is ditching her because she won’t screw him out behind the bar. I’m cool with that as a principal but I didn’t understand how the story skipped from what we were being told about Lang’s feelings for Lilly to him ditching her for really ridiculous reasons.

Lilly has recently relocated to Lang’s area, in part, to get away from the dissension between her recently divorced parents. I was thoroughly confused by this whole thing. Lilly spends pages upon pages obsessing about the conflict between her parents or being drawn into it during their phone calls to her. My guess is that the author included all of this because she wanted to create an arc in the story related to Lilly not trusting men and not wanting to settle down. The way it comes across in the writing though is just really forced. It seemed like Lilly was too damn old to be as concerned about her parents as she was. Plus, she was living thousands of miles away, I kept screaming ‘don’t answer the phone’ at my Kindle every time she had a conversation with her parents.

After Lang initially ditches Lilly, he immediately decides that was a mistake when he runs into her at his sister’s school. This again felt like a weird jump in the plot line. Nothing changes between Lang and Lilly but as soon as he sees her at the high school, he knows he made a grave mistake and immediately begins pursuing a relationship with her. Lilly…I don’t know what her deal was. She put up some very minimal resistance to the idea of hooking up with Lang because she thought it would be a career conflict. It lasted all of two seconds and they were ripping each other’s clothes off. No complaints there, the sex was good and dirty just like I like it.

As for the other aspects of the book, yes this is technically an MC romance. There was some MC stuff in the book but I read A LOT of MC books and this one didn’t feel nearly as authentic as the stuff written by our favorite MC authors like Joanna Wylde. I did like the stuff in the book about Lang trying to clean the club up after its last president let the members run amok. I actually liked a lot of things about this book, I just felt like they all needed to be rearranged to make the book really good and easier to read. I would definitely read other books by this author.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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