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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ARC Review: Game Winner by Collette West

Game Winner is the sixth book in the New York Kings series from Collette West. I have really enjoyed this series and I couldn't wait to get Jake's story! Having seen him in previous books I was so excited to get to know more about him, and it was great to meet Scarlett since she was a new character to the series. If you haven't read any of these books yet, I highly recommend them, especially if you are a sports romance fan! But if you are new to the series, don't worry about jumping in here since each book is an interconnected standalone story. 

New York Kings center fielder Jake Woodbury is known for being the good guy of baseball. With a squeaky clean reputation, Jake has managed to avoid scandal of any kind. But Jake also has a secret that few know about that haunts him. Scarlett Moore is Jake's opposite. She is a famous popstar that is known for being provocative and singing about her ex-boyfriends. Scarlett appears to be the last thing Jake needs and Jake appears to be the exact opposite of what Scarlett would go for. But the attraction between them is instant and these two quickly realize that they might have more in common than they first thought. 

Jake and Scarlett were some of my absolute favorites from this series, if not my favorites. Each time I think that Collette West can't top herself or the characters, and yet she continues to do so with every book! Jake was so much more than you first see, and I really liked seeing more of him here. The connection he had with Scarlett was surprising and deep, and I couldn't get enough of these two. Scarlett was the exact same in that there was so much more to her that you would think at first. I loved how these two were clearly attracted to each other and the chemistry was instant, yet their connection was so much deeper. They shared a passion for music, and it was so good to see them really explore that together. They were able to connect in a way that they couldn't with others, and the bond that they shared allowed them to deal with their pasts and issues together. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I really can't recommend this series enough. I love these characters and each book is one that I know won't let me down. Collette West writes such interesting and deep characters and each of them are so unique and different. These aren't your typical cookie cutter type of characters, and I like how real and genuine they are. Scarlett and Jake each had things that they were dealing with, and though their issues might not be ones that most people go through, they were easy to relate to and understand. I honestly can't wait for more from Collette West and I am excited to read more from her in the future.

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