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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ARC Review: Stirred by Nancy S. Thompson

Stirred is my first book by Nancy S. Thompson, so I went into it not really knowing what to expect besides what I read in the blurb. I have to admit that what I got though was not what I had been hoping for. This book was just a bit too much for me at times and it was hard for me to get through. While it did have it's good moments for me, Stirred was a bit of a disappointment for me. 

Eden MacLaird might appear to have it all at first glance, but she lost her first love, first child, and she just caught her husband with her best friend. So when she meets the sexy younger Sean Bennett at a bar she finds herself in a situation she never expected. Though there is a sixteen year age difference, they both find themselves drawn to one another and unable to stay away. Though their friends warn them to stay away from one another, bodies start to pile up around them and soon they find themselves as suspects. Sean and Eden have to team up to try and figure out who is plotting against them, but will it be enough to save not only the reputation Eden has built as well as their lives? 

One of my biggest issues here was the characters. Both Eden and Sean drove me nuts! Eden made some horrible choices and seemed to just be okay with knowing her life was a lie. At times she would rather just keep her mouth shut and go along with everything rather than actually stand up for herself or create the life she wanted. She came off as weak and I lost all respect for her. Sean was supposed to be a smart guy that was top of his class and on the path to a successful career in law, and yet he was constantly made out to be a bumbling idiot. Watching him try to piece things together in their investigation was downright painful at times. While these two had decent chemistry between them, I got tired of the constant reference to the age gap. Yes we know they are 16 years apart, and yes he is much younger than she is. But the author kept beating us over the head with it, and it especially got old that Sean was called a kid as many times as he was. 

The other huge problem I had was that this book basically turned into a soap opera for me. The twists and turns were predictable and over the top. They were obvious and overdone. While this story had so much potential and I loved the way it started, it quickly turned into a mess with far too much going on and all of it was so easy to see coming from a mile away. I pretty much had this one figured out from the start, and unfortunately with how much I saw coming the suspense just wasn't enough to really hold my interest. I finished the book to see how things would turn out, but overall I was disappointed with the story. If you are a fan of suspense, this one might be worth giving a shot. But if you want something truly new or original, this one probably isn't for you.

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