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Sunday, December 13, 2015

ARC Review: Morrison by Chelsea Camaron and MJ Fields

Morrison is a decent book in terms of writing and the set up of the story but certain things about the language used and the characters attitudes were off putting. This is the second book in the Caldwell series, the first book was about Morrison's brother Hendrix (you can read out of order). I read some of the reviews of Hendrix and people seemed to really enjoy that one, I would give this author another try and pick up Hendrix even though I didn't love Morrison.

Morrison is a gambler, that's how he makes his money. He is very successful at it and divides his time between Detroit (the home team, yay for that) and Vegas where he earns income. Morrison had a tough upbringing and had to watch his mother suffer a great deal of violence at the hands of his father. He naturally has a protective instinct when it comes to women in distress. Enter Hailey. Hailey lost a bet and wound up basically trading her life as payment for the one bet. Hailey married the man she lost the bet to when she was 17 years old and from that point on, he constantly found ways to keep her in his debt and always owing.

I had to remind myself (a lot) that Hailey's mother had her as a teen prostitute when she got pregnant by her pimp and Hailey just didn't know any better. I had to remind myself of this because Hailey's way of dealing with her "husband" just didn't make any sense to me. He was charging her for every basic thing anybody might get out of a marriage. Most significantly, when Hailey gave birth to his child, he was adding every expense he paid on behalf of HIS daughter to Hailey's tab. As a result of his behavior and that of her pimp/father, Hailey developed this belief that every single thing had to be paid back. It was extremely difficult for her to let anybody do anything for her (especially a man) because she didn't want to pick up more debt. However, things with Hailey's "husband" go left and she is in a desperate situation that she couldn't get out of without help. Enter Morrison. kind of an a-hole based on the description of his internal thoughts. At one point he is dividing women into these really inane categories like platinum pu--y, settled a-s, dominant a-s, first class etc. It was some super douche type ish and I had a problem just liking him right from the beginning of the book. I wanted to jump into the book and gut punch him when he makes the comment "If you don't want the Caldwell cocktail, you better stop." This was in reference to him being about to make a deposit in Hailey's oral bank. If a man ever said anything like that to me, I would be totally unable to control my bite reflex. So yeah, Morrison was completely annoying at certain parts of the book.

The thing that really didn't make sense to me was how quickly Morrison was all in when it came to rescuing Hailey and her daughter from a terrible situation. Then, I didn't get Hailey's reaction to being rescued. I mean, you would've thought she would be overjoyed but instead she was rude to Morrison and perfectly nice to everyone else. Also, I have to mention the fact that Hailey left her 3 year old daughter with Morrison while she went to work after she had known him for like a day. I didn't even see any mention that she checked the sex offender registry before she left her kid with a stranger. I just did not get that.

The book moves at a pretty good pace, the sex scenes are pretty good and the supporting characters were interesting. Unfortunately Hailey, Morrison and the things they said annoyed me enough that this isn't one of my favorite reads.

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