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Monday, May 9, 2016

ARC Review: Last Mile by Katie Ashley

This is the third book in the Vicious Cycle series. I've read all three books but they are stand alone books. You can start right here in the series if you want to. I'm an MC romance fan so I'm naturally inclined to appreciate these types of stories but I think even if you're just a regular contemporary romance fan, you'll enjoy this one.

The MC in this book is the Raiders and if you read any of the past novels, you know that the Raiders have been trying to go legit and only engage in business that is legal. That fact, however, is not readily apparent to law enforcement officials who are still trying to infiltrate the club and uncover illegal conduct. To that end, Samantha and her partner Gavin are assigned to go undercover with the Raiders. Gavin poses as a potential club member and Samantha as his 'ol lady.' Bishop is an officer of the club and is instantly attracted to Samantha despite the fact that she is supposed to belong to his friend. Samantha is instantly attracted to Bishop despite the fact that she's supposed to be trying to er...arrest him and his club brothers.

Samantha figures out pretty quickly that the Raiders have gone straight. She also figures out that what ever is between her and Bishop is not going to just go away. Little by little Samantha becomes less of her undercover persona and more of herself- a person falling in love with a man. I think you will like Bishop. He was really different than my impression of him from other books in the series. Bishop was much more stable and consistent than you ever might have imagined from reading about him in past books. I think you will also enjoy Samantha's transition. Samantha has a negative impression of MCs from the beginning of the book because of the murder of her father. I enjoyed watching Bishop and the Raiders show her the human side of MCs and change her mind about something she thought was an absolute fact.

You know from the beginning of the book that at some point things are going to fall apart. Samantha is pretty much lying to Bishop from the first time he lays eyes on her. I loved that when things did fall apart Samantha knew were her loyalties were and fought like crazy for her man. I wasn't entirely convinced that Bishop's failure to figure out what Samantha was up to was logical but I could forgive the inconsistencies. This book was fast paced, sexy, romantic and fun. Katie Ashley has become one of the most reliable quality authors in this genre. Whether you've read all the books in this series or this is your first one, I think this is one you will really enjoy.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Still trying to decide if I want to read this one, but your book thoughts were helpful. Thanks, Lorraine!