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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ARC Review: The One by Kristin Vayden

The One is the first book that I have read from Kristin Vayden, and I really enjoyed it. This book was exactly what I needed after the slump I have been in with reading lately. The One was light, funny, sweet and really cute and I had a great time reading it. This definitely won't be the last I read from Kristin Vayden, and I really hope that we get a story for Meredith's best friend Roxy! 

When Meredith's best friend and boss Roxy comes up with "a great idea" she finds herself unable to say no even though she knows that it is most likely to be a disaster as her previous great ideas have been. But when Roxy tells her that she gets an all expense paid trip out of the deal, she reluctantly agrees and sets out to do her job. Meredith must go on dates with different versions of every female's fantasy and then write about her experiences. One the list are the jock, rockstar, billionaire, and the stepbrother. Except Meredith had no idea that the stepbrother would be Roxy's stepbrother who she has a not so pleasant past with.

I liked Meredith and Kirby a lot! They had so much history between them, and I found them adorable together! The chemistry they had was so much fun to watch, and their banter was fantastic. While I did like the characters and the way they were together, I felt like I didn't really get to know them beyond surface deep though and I would have liked to have been given more depth when it came to them. I also would have loved to have seen more of their history, especially the big incident that had caused them to dislike one another. I couldn't believe that we never get that, and was really disappointed to have never learned what it was. 

I also saw some inconsistencies and holes here, but that could be because I had an advanced copy and they might have been fixed in the final version. I still had a good time reading this one though, and I am definitely hoping we get more of these characters as I thought they were a ton of fun. I would love for Roxy to get a story because you could really see how much personality she has and I think her story would be just as good as this one. Despite the criticisms I had, this is one I would recommend if you are looking for something light and fun with some great banter. I look forward to reading more from Kristin Vayden in the future.

**ARC Provided by Love Affair With Fiction**

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