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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ARC Review: One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

Books like “One Pink Rose” are the reason I fell in love with romance novels years ago. This is a classic Julie Garwood love story. Julie Garwood was one of my all-time favorite writers and I stayed up many nights during my summers reading her and loving her heroes and heroines. This book was written in 1997 so I can see how romance novels have changed and evolved but let me tell you “One Pink Rose” is proof that classics are still better! “One Pink Rose” is part of the Claybourne’s series. The Claybourne’s are a family in Montana. They are typical rough and tumble type of heroes. They have very good old-fashion values and love their family. This is about the youngest Claybourne, Travis.

Travis is a great hero. He is looking for a man that he believes swindled his mom. Travis adores his family and mom and is determined to find the man he believes stole from her. His mother asks him to do a favor, she wants him to accompany Emily Finnegan to Golden Crest Montana so she can marry the man she has been corresponding with. Travis and Emily instantly react to each other. Travis thinks that Emily is crazy and Emily doesn’t care what Travis thinks. After nursing a broken heart, she is determined to take her destiny into her own hands and marry.
Travis can’t believe that Emily would set out to marry a man she has only shared letters with. He can’t believe that he promised to accompany her after three previous couples couldn’t complete the task and most importantly, he can’t believe that he wants Emily from himself. But Travis is not the marrying type and he refuses to give his heart away.

I absolutely loved this story. It was funny, sweet, romantic, and full of unexpected fights, flying frying pans and some very dangerous men. This is classic Garwood-which I love. Travis and Emily were so cute and funny together. I started reading and when I looked up I was half way through the story. I couldn’t put it down, the writing was engaging and the story moved along so smoothly. This is a very chaste story, no sweaty hot and heavy action but it was still very sweet and I really enjoyed it. I wish there were more stories like these!

Needless to say, this was a fun read. I really enjoyed it and was reminded about why I fell in love with romance novels.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Great review and the book has such a beautiful cover!

  2. The new cover is so pretty! I feel the same about the book, I have always loved this book and the rest of the series.