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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ARC Review: Dangerously Broken by Eden Bradley

This is my first Eden Bradley book and overall I like Eden's writing style and story telling abilities. Dangerously Broken is Jamie and Summer Grace's story. Jamie is the former best friend of Summer's deceased brother. The story follows a very familiar "off limits little sister" pattern (if you've ever read any of those books) but has a kinky twist. Both Jamie and Summer are into certain aspects of BDSM life. Jamie is able to stay away from Summer right up until he finds out that she's as kinky as him and then he can't stay away from her at all.

Here's the thing, I think you might like this book but not in a memorable sort of way. It's got some great kinky scenes but the thing that I remember the most about those is how annoyed I was by Jamie referring to Summer as "girl" or "Summer girl." I am being so hashtag petty but I absolutely hate that and don't find it sexy.I actually like Jamie and Summer together as a couple but all of their conflict was internal. By that I mean that all the conflict in the relationship was a matter of miscommunication, misunderstandings and introspective monologues. I think I would have been more interested in the story if the characters had more interaction with the outside world and we learned about their fears and weaknesses in that context.

The main issue between the characters, I actually understood. Jaime had been rejecting Summer for so long that she was concerned that he only wanted her after discovering she was sexually compatible. That was, in fact, the way things played out. While that concern was legitimate, Summer's internal monologues about this issue were too long and too frequent. She would obsess about Jaime's reason's for being with her, have hot hot monkey sex with him and then repeat the whole thing. I found that to be simultaneously exhausting and annoying.Jaime was an ok character but he fit perfectly into the forbidden friend mold. I had a hard time appreciating Jaime as anything other than a stock character.

Overall, this is a pretty good read with great kink.This probably won't go on your epic read list but I still recommend it for fans of erotica who like a little BDSM.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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