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Saturday, October 17, 2015

ARC Review: Her Accidental Husband by Ashlee Mallory

Her Accidental Husband is Payton and Cruz’s story from the Sorenson series. Payton is the wealthy fiancĂ© of a wealthy absentee fiancĂ©. When she finds out he’s cheating on her, she happens to be on her way to Mexico for her best friend’s wedding and she is accompanied by all the brooding hotness that is Cruz. Cruz is supposed to be looking out for Payton and winds up doing a lot more than that as every aspect of their travel arrangements to Mexico goes wrong. During one particularly wild night, the pair wind up sort of married. The issue for Payton is whether Cruz is any different from Payton’s absentee father who couldn’t see past his business ambitions. The issue for Cruz is seeing to his business ambitions so he can feel like he’s good enough for Payton. Throw in a square dancing troupe and a truly psycho Mother and we’ve got a story.

This is a very light weight read. It’s fun but it isn’t something that’s going to go on your epic read list. Payton was likable but a bit more silly than I really like to see in heroines. Cruz was good at the silent brooding role and I enjoyed all of his grunting at Payton. I like Cruz and Payton together and I like the fact that there are rotating POV’s. The sex in this book is alluded to but not described and I think I could’ve got into the connection between the characters a little more if there had been more steam to the steam. I also would’ve liked it if the conflict between the main characters was a bit more unexpected than what occurred in this book. The author gave us some great points of potential conflict in Payton’s mother and ex-fiance but fell back to the good old misunderstanding as the grand finale. I would’ve liked a little more nuance. I loved Cruz’s crazy family and I liked the traveling adventures. It’s a fun book but there isn’t much that will stick with you. Great book to read on a short flight (like I did).

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