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Thursday, October 15, 2015

ARC Review: Touch Me Not by Apryl Baker

Touch Me Not is the first book in the Manwhore series by Apryl Baker, and it is also the first book that I have read by her. I went into this book not knowing what to expect, and I am happy to say that I was really glad I took a chance on this one after reading it. This story was different and fresh, and I really liked the characters. I thought that Apryl Baker had a great writing style that drew me in right from the start. I might have been new to Apryl Baker before reading Touch Me Not, but I will absolutely read more from her in the future. 

Since the accident that killed her twin sister, Lily can't stand to be touched. Even her closest friends and family know that she needs to always keep her distance. She has loved her best friend Adam for years, but he has never seen what they could have together and she knows that with her inability to touch that a relationship between them would be impossible. So when the school manwhore Nikoli takes an interest in her, they agree to a deal where he will help her deal with her touch issues and he will try to seduce her into giving him a night together. The more time they spend together though, the more the lines start to blur and feelings start to develop. So when Adam starts acting jealous and showing signs of interest in Lily, will she give up a chance at something with Nikoli to finally have a shot with Adam? Or will she find herself falling for the school manwhore with the hopes that she will be the one to change him? 

I really liked Lily and Nikoli. I loved how she made him work for it, and she stood her ground when it came to him. Lily was unlike any other girls he had ever come across, and it was great to see him not know exactly what to do for once. He really put in the effort with her, and it was easy to see that what had started out as him pursuing her as his latest conquest quickly changed into something more. Nikoli was supportive and encouraging with Lily and her phobia, but he was also the one to push her. She needed someone that would take her out of her comfort zone by showing her how to trust and I really enjoyed seeing her open up to Nikoli. These two had a great connection and they had amazing chemistry. The sparks between them were clear from the start, and I was glad that she was able so see beyond his reputation and past. Nikoli never made excuses for the fact that he had slept around quite a bit, but I really liked the fact that he was honest with Lily and he made an effort to change once she came into his life. 

I also really loved the secondary characters in this story, and I liked seeing how great of friends they were. I am really curious about some of them, and I hope that Apryl Baker will write their stories so that we can get to know them better. I really liked Nikoli's best friend Luther and I am hoping that his book might be next. This book was different than anything I have read recently, and it was nice to see a different story here when so many books in the NA genre tend to be similar. Though the story was predictable at times, it was enjoyable and the characters were unique. I was really invested in them right from the start, and I think that it was very refreshing to not get your average cookie-cutter types here. I would really recommend this book to NA fans, and I am looking forward to more from Apryl Baker and this series as it continues.

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